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Savage, Brett

Beer Bash Helps Rebuild—One Pint at a Time

Lovers of beer, beach and pizza—we assume New Jersey has more than a few—can help Shore communities rebuild after Hurricane Sandy this Sunday at a craft-beer bash and fundraiser in Point Pleasant Beach.


New Jersey Commuting is the Pits

As if we needed confirmation, the U.S. Census Bureau has released a mountain of data indicating that commuting in New Jersey is terrible.


Morristown’s (Too Big?) Beer Fest

If you were one of the fortunate souls to enter the Morristown National Guard Armory in a timely manner Saturday afternoon for the overcrowded Big Brew Beer Festival, there was plenty to see and much to taste.


Residents Rally to Reduce Gun Violence

Several hundred concerned citizens joined the Morris Area Committee to Reduce Gun Violence, Morristown Mayor Tim Dougherty, and surprise guest and gubernatorial hopeful Barbara Buono on the Morristown Green tonight at a rally and memorial vigil marking the two-month anniversary of the tragic elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.


Will The “Jersey Left” Get Left Behind?

The jughandle is one of New Jersey’s most-endearing idiosyncrasies. The concept that we must turn right to go left is an article of faith for Garden State drivers. But will these serpentine spillways survive?


Thirsty For Relief

If there’s one thing nearly all of the victims of Hurricane Sandy’s devastation can probably agree on, it’s that they could use a beer. Or, even better, a beer that comes with the promise of financial relief.


Seaside Heights Roller Coaster Gets One More Rider

In the finest Jersey Shore tradition of bizarre behavior, a Lavallette man has inspired a media frenzy by scaling the iconic tattered remains of the Jet Star Roller Coaster in Seaside Heights.


New Outlook: Paterson's Modern Landscape

Paterson evolves from Silk City manufacturing giant to its modern iteration as a grand mix of old and new. more

New New Jerseyans: Immigration Through The Years

Gone are the days when Ellis Island was a major point of passage for many immigrants, but New Jersey's tradition of embracing diversity continues unchanged. more

Hurry Up and Wait: The Evolution of Newark Airport

Prolonged delays and extensive security check procedures haven't been the only additions to Newark Airport over the years. more

New Jersey Geography, Fiscally Reimagined

If someone asks you, “What part of New Jersey are you from?” you’ve probably got a stock answer—town, county, North/South Jersey, the Shore. But those are all staid responses lacking any je ne sais quoi. If you want to inject a little cachet into that response, try some new terms—“New Jersey’s Wealth Belt,” or “the Northern Exurban Fringe.”


Among the Apples and Artillery

During a recent trip to Wightman’s Farms in Morristown to grab some apples and cider donuts, it was hard to ignore the surprising allure of the farm’s central attraction—the pumpkin slingshot.


Jersey's Other Space Pioneer: Wally Schirra

To commemorate Jersey astronaut Wally Schirrra's historic first mission in space, we present a list of his notable space-age achievements. more

On LBI, A Cool Place to Chill

There is no shortage of bar options down the Shore, to be sure, but there’s something about sipping a favorite drink at a rooftop bar that puts me in a better mood. Daddy-O, in the Brant Beach section of Long Beach Island, provides just such an experience.


When Pizza Is the Itinerary

New Jersey, of course, offers much to recommend it. But among the natural wonders and culinary treasures that abound in the Garden State, one item in particular dominated the agenda of a few out-of-town friends who stopped in for a visit this past weekend—pizza.


Where Ideas Were Born

A new book recounts the unique culture and history of Bell Labs, which ushered in an unprecedented era of technological advancement. more

Kubel's Too

Bottom Dwellers

A collection of short fiction and poetry edited by Joyce Carol Oates explores how much noir literature means in the Garden State. more

New Duo Ascends Morristown Steeple

It was as if nothing ever happened. Just four days after two workers were rescued from the steeple next door to the New Jersey Monthly offices in Morristown, we returned to work this morning to see a cherry picker once again lifting two workers toward the top of the steeple.


NJ (News) Week in Review

With so much going on in New Jersey these days, let’s take a look back at some of the major storylines that developed this week that should be of interest to any informed resident:


Christie Predictions: Their Meaninglessness Was Predictable

Now that our governor officially will not run for president in 2012, after speculation reached a fever pitch in the past week, we are left to wonder if there was ever any justification for predicting what he would do in the first place.


I Feel the Earth, Move, Under My Feet

As the 5.8-magnitute earthquake centered in Mineral, Virginia, rippled up and down the eastern seaboard, startling many an unsuspecting Mid-Atlantic resident, Carole King’s famous lyrics played through my head as I did what true New Jerseyans do in times of distress—I ate another slice of pizza.


The Jersey Divide Revealed

Researchers at MIT probably have little firsthand knowledge of the hypothetical divide between “North” and “South” Jersey, but the mobile phone data they studied recently illustrates a clear pattern of phone activity that cuts the state nearly in half.


The Derby’s Jersey Twist

Of all the traditional American sporting events that crowd the spring television schedule—the Masters, the NBA and NHL playoffs, Major League Baseball’s opening day—I’ve always favored the Kentucky Derby on my list of required viewing.


Athenian Garden

The Offshore Restaurant

Trading Secrets

The history of baseball card collecting isn't as innocent as the game the cards are derived from. For a fascinating read, pick up Mint Condition: How Baseball Cards Became An American Obsession. more

Farrell's Stout and Steak

Test Your NJ IQ

Think you know a lot about Jersey history and culture? Test yourself with this NJ Hall of Fame trivia quiz. All of the individuals named are Hall of Fame members. more

Almost Super

Our New Jersey Jets went from preseason nobodies to contending for an AFC Championship against the Indianapolis Colts. How did they do it? more

New York Giants Intercept Hunger

They may be Giants…but they do much more than simply play football. A Taste of the NFL charity event was held at the Stadium Club at Giants Stadium on Monday night. Fans and players (current and former) mingled amid a sprawling array of food sampling stations from premium metropolitan restaurants.


The Fleet And The Fashionable

At the venerable Far Hills Race Meeting, the equestrian set parties in style. more

Scojo's Restaurant (Tuckerton)

Gourmet Italian Cuisine

Touching All The Bases

Lakewood’s minor league BlueClaws have become a major hit. more

Photos for Food

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but if Photographers Against Hunger have their way, donated signed pictures of Bruce Springsteen will feed a thousand mouths.


Power Issue: Woody Johnson

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