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Adubato, Steve

Open for Business: The State of the State's Economy

Entrepreneurs forge ahead amid concerns about taxes, regulations and a shaky NJ economy. more

The Byrne Legacy: Memories of a Governor

New book explores the governor’s life and times. more

Rush Won't Run: Holt Stepping Down from Congress

Congressman Holt is stepping aside—but his concern about global warming has not cooled. more

Is It Safe? Schools Grapple with Security Issues

Two years after Newtown shootings, Jersey school districts handle security in various ways. more

Pension Tension: Christie and the Public Retirement Fund

Following past governors, Christie reduces payment to public-employee retirement fund. more

Rising Waters: Solving Increasing Sea Levels

Global warming threatens our precious shoreline. Who will take action? more

From Devastation, Compassion

Colts Neck volunteers come through for neighbors in Union Beach. more

NJ's Web Gamble: Internet Betting

Despite a slow start, it’s too early to fold our cards on the Internet-betting biz. more

Honoring a Fallen Hero

A family strives to keep their loved one’s memory alive. more

The American Way: Immigration in NJ

The Dream Act raises hope for New Jersey's undocumented youths. more

Supreme Stalemate

Trenton remains stuck in a political rut on High Court nominees. more

New Reality of Shore Real Estate

Amid post-Sandy uncertainty, buying opportunities await. more

Camden's Genius: One Doc's Plans for Health Care

Local doctor Jeffrey Brenner has a vision for improving health care. more

Ready Or Not: The Affordable Care Act in New Jersey

Obamacare has arrived. Here’s what Jersey can expect. more

The Property Tax Debate

With no easy answers, it's time to put every idea on the table. more

Memories of Frank Lautenberg

The late Senator was a tough guy with a softer side. more

Let's Protect Gay Teens: Block Conversion Therapy

Trenton should act faster on bill to block conversion therapy. more

A Steel Curtain Against Storms?

New technology proposed to fend off future floods. more

On the Jersey Beat: A Crime Reporter-Turned-Novelist

Crime reporter turned novelist Brad Parks tackles real-world issues. more

Pastures of Plenty: The Truth About Garden State Farming

Care to pick a peck of Peppadews? New Jersey is the place. more

By Any Means Necessary: Do We Need Police In Schools?

Nothing is off the table when it comes to protecting our kids. more

History Worth Celebrating: The Many African-American Contributions To New Jersey

African-Americans’ contributions to New Jersey are many and varied. more

Water Utilities: Prepped for Sandy

Service disruptions “minimal” as storm pounded coast. more

2012 To-Do List, Revisited

Trenton made key gains, but punted on three pressing issues. more

Is There a Doctor in the House? New Jersey's Shortage of Primary-Care Physicians

The state needs to find a solution to its ever more pronounced shortage of primary-care physicians. more

Under the Radar, Above the Fray: A Look At The New Jersey Economic Development Authority

Steve Adubato talks with Caren Franzini, the CEO of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, about her vision and leadership. more

Cerf's Up: NJ Education Chief Eyes Reform

NJ’s education chief looks ahead to further school reforms. more

Rich State, Poor State

How is it that a state as affluent as New Jersey has such a striking level of poverty? Steve Adubato discusses the issue with Melville D. Miller, Jr., president and general counsel for Legal Services of New Jersey. more

Our Costly Public Work Force

Unions must accept a role in cutting state government spending. more

Serious Challenges for 'CEO of Fun'

Christie sees expanded role for new sports authority chief. more

No Gas Tax...Now What?

Should New Jersey increase its gas tax—currently the lowest in the nation—to help support its depleted Transportation Trust Fund? more

Candy Stores and Crusty Bread

More fond memories of growing up Italian in Newark—and beyond. more

The Man With the Plan

New CRDA chief offers vision for Atlantic City revival. more

Growing Up Italian

In Newark’s North Ward, it was all about family, friends—and food. more

Legislative To-Do List For 2012

Steve Adubato formulates a legislative wish list he'd like New Jersey politicians to deliver on in the coming year. more

Blue Acres: Now Is the Time

Jersey needs to make greater use of its program to buy out homes in flood zones. more

Serving Patients in Need

FQHCs play a key health care role in the state’s most poverty-stricken neighborhoods. more

Now That's a Slogan

Tourism director claims ‘excellent’ reaction to summertime campaign. more

NJ's Economic Forecast, Cloudy, With Few Bright Spots

The confusion inherent in trying to understand the current economic climate is as confounding in New Jersey as elsewhere in the U.S. more

The Legal Aid Gap

Budget cuts leave a growing number of the state’s poor without representation in civil cases. more

Eric LeGrand: Best of the Best

Steve Adubato admires the powerful and dramatic example set by genuine Jersey hero Eric LeGrand. more

Roll the Dice

Steve Adubato debates whether legal sports betting in New Jersey will add significantly to the state's coffers. more

Stop the Madness

It’s time to pass legislation that will promote action on shared services. more

Heightened Goals for Higher Education

Former Governor Tom Kean is concerned about the future of higher eduction in the state. more

More Than Our Share of Heroes

New Jersey Heroes celebrates residents who contribute in unique ways to their communities. more

Police Stalemate is Deadly Business

Public safety in our biggest cities may take a big hit if there are massive police layoffs due to budgetary shortfalls. more

Eat Your Vegetables!

Childhood nutrition remains an issue, especially in our urban centers. more

Gambling on Gambling

Slots at the racetracks would generate needed revenue. more

Public vs. Private

It’s more important than ever for families to have education options. more

Drill Off Jersey Coast? Are You Nuts?

Steve Adubato debates the feasibility of off-shore drilling in New Jersey waters. more

Urban Enterprise Zones: Still a Smart Investment

But will the state find a way to restore funding? more

The Tourism Challenge

Budget cuts make it tougher than ever to market our state. more

A Contract is a Contract...Then Again

Gov. Christie is pressing public employees across the board to renegotiate their contracts. Steve Adubato discusses the potential implications of these actions. more

The Best...and the Worst

Our columnist has a few picks and pans of his own. more

Feeling the Squeeze

To help troubled towns, Jersey should eliminate binding arbitration. more

Getting the Record Straight

In his new book, Senator Robert Menendez touts the role of Latinos in U.S. history. more

Time To Go After Those Sacred Cows

Our new governor has to make some hard and painful choices. more

When Protest Is Not Enough

Citizens’ group aims to cultivate a culture of service. more

It's Time To Look In The Mirror

Steve Adubato's own experience helped him gain perspective and shape his thoughts on the national health care debate. more

Let's End the Gotcha Game

Attack ads are an insult to Jersey voters. more

Prescription For Corruption

Corruption pervades the state. Is the problem too much government? Steve Adubato debates today's political realities. more

It's All About Corzine

Conventional wisdom is that American elections are about competing ideas from two candidates. In reality that is not what most campaigns are about—and certainly not this year’s gubernatorial race between Democrat Jon Corzine and his Republican opponent, Chris Christie. more

Evict Home Rule

Economies of scale would ease our tax burden. more

Another Beach Bailout?

Why is U.S. funding N.J. sand replenishment? more

Immodest Proposals

Jerseyans put forth plenty of novel, even draconian, ideas for chopping the state budget down to size. more

The Race Is On

Susan G. Komen for the Cure will hold its second Race for the Cure event in Newark's Branch Brook Park on April 26. more

A Special Day

Hike The Gas Tax Now

Steve Adubato: Banking on the Garden State

Amid the current financial crisis, we wanted to know the condition of our New Jersey-based banks. To find out, we turned to Montville resident Gerald Lipkin, chief executive of Wayne-based Valley National Bank, New Jersey’s largest commercial bank (with $14 billion in assets) and the state’s first to voluntarily accept an infusion of cash under the federal government’s $700 billion financial rescue program. more

Steve Adubato: Transplanting Lungs, Saving Lives

In August, Dr. Lawrence McBride, left, performed the first two lung transplants at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, which this year became the only New Jersey hospital designated for the procedure by the Department of Health and Senior Services. more

Steve Adubato: Tourism Gets a Boost (No Fueling!)

A Q&A with Nancy J. Byrne, executive director of the New Jersey's Division of Travel and Tourism. more

Steve Adubato: Hospitals on Life Support

A healthcare roundtable discussion on the state of NJ hospitals. more

Steve Adubato: Redesigning our High Schools

A Q&A with NJ Commissioner of Education, Lucille E. Davy. more

Steve Adubato: Atypical Inspiration

Sara Rosati, a 9-year-old special olympics athlete, understands that 90 percent of life is about attitude. We could learn a thing or two from her. more

Hospitals on Life Support

Steve Adubato: The Age Card

Steve Adubato: Unholy Trinity

Only Jim McGreevey could make Eliot Spitzer’s self-inflicted exit from public life look dignified. more

Only in New Jersey: Road Worriers

Mammoth toll hikes could be minimized if legislators would cut the fat, end home rule, and bump up the gas tax a nickel. And residents? We’ve got some tough choices to make. more

Questions from Steve Adubato

Questions From Steve Adubato

Q & A With Steve Adubato

Q & A

Only in New Jersey: Fighting for the Future

Only in New Jersey: Squeeze Play

Only in New Jersey: Right Out of "Central Casting"

Only in New Jersey: Power Corrupts

“Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” more

Only in New Jersey: Power Corrupts, Allegedly

Only in New Jersey: Passion Plea

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