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Effortless Vacationing

A lifelong New Jersey resident founded Relax Concierge—a service designed to provide people with living essentials at their seaside vacation homes.

Posted May 9, 2011 by Candace Wells

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Erin Visalli, a former consultant and lifelong New Jersey resident, has witnessed the work involved in planning and shopping for a stay at the Shore. Aware that most vacation homes lack household essentials like linens and toilet articles, she founded Relax Concierge, a rental company that provides items and services for bed, bath, kitchen and beach during your Jersey Shore stay.

“I wanted to be able to enhance Jersey Shore vacations,” says Visalli, a summer resident of Ocean City.
Launched last summer and already expanding, Relax Concierge services locations including Sea Bright, Point Pleasant, Long Beach Island, Ocean City and Avalon. The service also offers personal shopping, bed making (with chocolates on your pillow!) and grocery delivery.

“There is a lot of planning required in advance of vacations,” says Visalli. “There is also a lot of managing involved.” Relax Concierge’s goal is to handle the planning and management and leave clients with more time for enjoyment.

For the bedroom, clients can choose from Egyptian cotton bed linens (in twin, full, queen and king sizes); pillows and pillow covers ($9 each); an Aerobed queen air mattress ($70); and other items. Bathroom essentials include a CHI hair dryer ($25), plush bathrobe ($14), towels ($8/set), bath rug ($6) and more. For the kitchen, consider a frozen drink machine ($50) or coffee pot ($50). And for fun on the sand, Relax can provide umbrella ($50), cooler ($25) and chairs ($12 each). The service also offers game consoles—for younger vacationers, we presume.

All rental items are delivered and retrieved and are available in various package options. You can order your items (or purchase gift certificates) at the Relax website (

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