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It's Showtime: Let's Eat!

Three AMC theaters in New Jersey will provide you with dinner while you watch a movie. The cinematic experience in the Garden State now includes food service.

Posted November 15, 2010 by Kristin Conard

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AMC Dine-In Movies
Courtesy of AMC Movie Theaters.

Have you ever been up for dinner and a movie, but the schedule didn’t give you time for both? Three AMC theaters in New Jersey hope to solve the dilemma by delivering dinner to your cinema seat.

At the three AMC dine-in theaters—Essex Green in West Orange, Bridgewater Commons, and Menlo Park in Edison—moviegoers can push a button at their seat anytime, and a server will come to take their order. The menu has choices from quesadillas to lobster ravioli and will incorporate local produce when possible. Alcoholic drinks are available; there’s also a lobby bar.

Two auditorium styles are featured. Fork and Screen is for ages 18 and over and has stadium seating with plenty of leg room and tables for each row. Cinema Suites (in West Orange and Edison) is for ages 21 and over and features higher-end menu and plush recliners set in pairs. Fork and Screen tickets cost $20 and include a credit up to $10 toward the food-and-drinks tab. Cinema Suites tickets are $25 with up to $15 that can be used on food or beverage items.

The West Orange and Bridgewater dine-in theaters opened in November with nine and seven screens, respectively; the Edison grand opening (twelve screens) is scheduled for December 15. AMC has already launched the concept at theaters in Atlanta and Kansas City.

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