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Jersey Proud

Tired of the Jersey jokes? Sick of reality TV? Bored with the demeaning stereotypes? It’s time to FIGHT BACK New Jersey!

Posted November 15, 2010

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New Jerseyans are not some gaggle of tanning-machined, over-indulgent party animals with pea brains and big hair. No, we are proud residents of the state of Einstein and Edison, Sinatra and Springsteen, Toni Morrison and Philip Roth; Aldrin and Schirra, Berra and Doby, Woodrow Wilson and (get ready America!) Chris Christie.

We are the state where the tide turned in 1776, cradle of the American industrial revolution, crucial stop on the Underground Railroad, great melting pot of immigrants, fertile ground for the finest produce, incubator of innovation, pathway to the future.

So what happened? Why did our stock fall and our value to the reality-show mills rise? Perhaps everyone else is just jealous. Jersey has enough genius, inventiveness, talent, personality, vitality, and character to outshine the other 49 states combined.

And we’ve got attitude. So let’s use it. Pride is powerful—and no one has a right to more pride of place than a Jerseyan.

In this issue, we’ve asked some of Jersey’s favorite daughters and sons to share the stories of their pride in New Jersey. Now, roll up your sleeves, put those shoulders back, chest out, chin up, and let the world know you too are JERSEY PROUD.

Click on the links below to read our jersey proud stories:

We All Walked Together
East Orange native Dionne Warwick grew up with music all around her.

'We Are a Confused But Noble Race...'
At his 2008 New Jersey Hall of Fame induction, native son Bruce Springsteen mused about the profound influence the Garden State has had on his music.

Everybody's Exit
Joe Piscopo's Jersey-centric shtick on Saturday Night Live helped cement our place on the nation's pop culture map.

Safe at Home
Comedian Richard Lewis relates his rich New Jersey memories...from amusement parks to diners, and beyond.

Of Writers and Rocks
Pulitzer-Prize winning author and Princeton resident John McPhee talks about the spectacularly varied state he has long known as home.

Supreme Confidence
A Jersey education put Samuel Alito on track for the nation’s highest court.

Summers at the Beach
Vice President Joe Biden's wife Jill spent fond hours at her grandparents' home in Hammonton.

The Happy Agitator
Publishing scion Steve Forbes extols the simple joys of life in tony Bedminster.

A Compact, Complicated Place
Pulitzer Prize-winning author Junot Diaz returns to the vivid New Jersey landscapes of his youth to inform his art.

Not Far from Everything Nearby
Yogi Berra, a veritable New Jersey institution, has seen it all in this state—and loves to talk about it.

No Getting Away From NJ
Hollywood legend Jack Nicholson attempts to elucidate the definitive quality of New Jersey.

Warming Up to Hoboken
It didn't take long for Zach Parise, a native Minnesotan, to learn to love his adopted state.

Good Neighbor Policy
Canadian-born hockey legend Bobby Clarke feels right at home in Haddonfield.

Motherlode of Invention
Leave it to the Garden State to make everyone’s life better.


Readers tell us what makes them Jersey Proud.

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Proud to live in New Jersey!!

I LOVE NEW JERSEY soooo much that I never left!!
I am married (to a husband that never left either)and have two children, Stephanie 15 and Gerard 8. I love raising my children in NJ. We have EVERYTHING we need here. There is NO reason to leave.

Posted by: Donna, Verona NJ | Nov 23, 2010 22:53:10 PM |

I Love NJ!

For years, my family drove across the Pennsylvania Turnpike to spend two weeks each summer in Atlantic City. Oh, how I loved the Steel Pier, watching dressed-up women in the rolling chairs on the boardwalk, Kohl’s ice cream, "Mr. Peanut," and so much more.

I waitressed on Long Beach Island while in college, and the best pizza and hoagies were found at "The Jet Stream."

I married a sweet guy who went to Steven’s Institute of Technology in Hoboken. We lived in two tiny apartments in North Bergen and spent Sundays in Hudson Park.

Our children were raised in Old Bridge and Marlboro.
We had terrific neighbors. Where else could one witness Stella and Joe doing the polka on their back porch? Or "Mrs. Ruth" who gave out fudge pops to my two boys when they constantly rang her doorbell. Or Margaret and Ron who often shoveled our driveway when our children were ill.

Upon retiring, my husband wanted warmer weather. That was ten years ago and we went south. Big mistake! We lived on the Outer Banks, in Savannah, and in the boondocks of Virginia.
Something was missing. Neither of us was truly happy.
Ten years wasted.
Finally, I got smart and told my hubby that the answer was staring us in the face...we MISSED NJ!
We’re back now, living three blocks from the Asbury Park boardwalk.
Life is good.

Posted by: Pam Munson Steadman, Beach Haven, NJ | Nov 29, 2010 03:40:30 AM |

Jersey Breakfast

There is nothing more delicious and soul-satisfying than a true New Jersey breakfast: regular coffee and a Taylor Ham, egg, cheese, salt/pepper/ketchup sandwich on a hard roll. We are gifted with all kinds of delicious food in Jersey, but it’s this humble yet mighty sandwich that makes us feel at home.

Posted by: Shannon, Rahway | Nov 29, 2010 19:17:37 PM |

Jersey Proud

Loved this issue!!!! I was tiring of all the "Best" this or that previously. This issue had alot of great articles and was a fun read!!!! Real grass roots reasons to live in our great state! Thank you!!!!

Posted by: Lynn Kline, Manchester | Dec 03, 2010 04:05:40 AM |

From Brooklyn to Hamilton

For some reason I always knew I would live in New Jersey. Don’t ask me why, just a feeling. 2 years now I am a proud resident of Hamilton NJ. So many people ask me "Why Hamilton" and I say "that’s where the train station is". I moved here from Brooklyn and commute to my job in Manhattan. My fiance currently lives in Marlton and he is originally from the Bronx, NY. We both love it here. Every weekend we do different things. We love to explore what NJ has to offer. The shore in the summer,in search of the perfect pizza (we vote Delorenzo’s hands down), bike rides through the Pine Barrens, Padre Pio Shrine in Landisville, loving the Bellview winery, antiquing at the Golden Nugget in Lambertsville and looking for more to see and do. Now that we get the New Jersey Monthly, we read cover to cover and thanks to you look forward to more Jersey exploration. Our wedding is coming up and we are happy to say that we are planning to stay in New Jersey and make this our permanent home.

Posted by: Bridgett Taranto, Hamilton, NJ | Dec 04, 2010 03:39:48 AM |

Jersey Proud

We now live in The Villages, FL, but NJ will always be close to the hearts of my husband & me. We were back "home" recently & took a short tour of our old stomping grounds. We still miss the State & the people. The Jersey Proud issue is a gift to our hearts. Thanks to NJ Monthly & all who wrote about their experiences. They "took us" with them.

Posted by: carole del monte, paterson, nj | Dec 13, 2010 14:57:09 PM |

jrz proud logos

If possible could you send me 3 logos My daughters love NJ and are enrolled in Rutgers would the the stickers We are all proud to be Jersey Thanks so much Happy Holidays

Posted by: Paula Bacino, Belleville | Dec 17, 2010 23:17:14 PM |


I came from 4 generations living in Elizabeth NJ and would be very proud to display the window cling. My husband is from Elizabeth also and we have raised two boys, their wives are from NJ and I am happy to say that my 6 grandkids are JRZ PROUD too...
My brother has also lived and served the public in the Elizabeth Police Dept for years. He moved to Fla. for health reasons and TOTALLY missed NJ all the years living there.
I always sent him all the news from Elizabeth. Most people I meet on Vacation and from Jersey are always excited to talk to us.

Please sen me a JRZ PROUD cling.

Posted by: Joan Hendrzak, Mountainside | Jan 03, 2011 15:30:19 PM |

No place like home

I moved to California when I got married and for the first few months, flush with newlywed bliss, I didn’t miss my home state. When the glow wore off, then the ache set in. No real pizza or bagels or even Italian bread! I’m sure there’s lots to love about California, like higher tax or insane drivers on the 101 but I longed for the shore, and the sunset over the Driscoll bridge as we drove home. I spent so much time in California re-educating the masses on how we don’t say "joisey" and have significantly better food that I wound up realizing I had to go home. So, here I am, home at last and my husband says daily that he loves his new state and the ten extra pounds he’s put on from the fantastic food. I can’t wait to display my jersey cling to show just how Proud I am to be native Jersey girl.

Posted by: Karyne, Metuchen | Mar 01, 2011 20:31:22 PM |

Are you kidding me?!

I was born and raised in dirty Jersey, moved to Oregon/Washington for 4 years, and came back here for family reasons. If it weren’t for my fam, I’d have stayed the heck outta this filthy hellhole of a place. Attitude?! You’re not kidding! Can’t stand that Jersey attitude! The horrible roads, tolls, tolls, tolls, the rude drivers, the nosy neighbors. As soon as I can, I’m outta here!

Posted by: Mary, Hawthorne | Jul 07, 2013 22:44:49 PM |

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