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The Power Issue

From the arts to politics, these are the 101 most influential people in the Garden State.

Posted December 22, 2008

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To arrive at the Power 101, New Jersey Monthly’s editors and writers informally polled sources from all the beats we cover.

The goal was to identify the individuals with the most impact on the way we live in New Jersey. They are listed here, with separate profiles on a handful of individuals we found particularly interesting.

The names of those people are listed here alphabetically, along with longer profile pieces of a select few.

NOTE: We excluded members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives; otherwise all were welcome.

Click here to view the entire Power list (PDF file)
FEEDBACK: You probably have your own ideas about who should and should not be included on this Power list. Feel free to post your comments below.

Steve Adubato Sr. to Anthony Coscia

Lucille Davy to James Hughes and Joseph Seneca

Ralph Izzo to Clement Price and Mary Sue Sweeney Price

Stuart J. Rabner to Charles Wowkanech



Bill Baroni

Reginald T. Jackson

Woody Johnson

Will and Jack Morey

Clement Price and Mary Sue Sweeney Price

Shirley Tilghman

Loretta Weinberg

Ted and Nina Wells

Click here to view the old Power list from 2002

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Power List

Interesting list, but I only knew about 10% of these names before I read this.

Posted by: Steve Walsh, None | Dec 24, 2008 05:56:50 AM |

The Original Trenton Cracker Factory

I read with great interest this article about what our family called "the bakery". My great Uncle Christopher Cartildge bought the factory, it was on to my grandparents, Frederick and Mary Cartlidge and then on to my father, Christopher Cartlidge. My brother, Frederick, and I, Mary, were to run the company but my father decided to sell the cracker business. I would like to get 3 more copies of the magazine. Please send me the issues of this current issue and I will remit payment. My current address is: 2429 Reed Rd
Bergen, New York 14416
or, let me know what the payment will be and I will remit it to you.
Thanking you in advance.
Mary Cartlidge Loney

Posted by: Mary Cartlidge Loney, None | Dec 29, 2008 06:09:21 AM |

Power 101

Great list.
Some great New Jersey leaders in the bunch.

Posted by: Gary Gellman, None | Dec 29, 2008 08:00:56 AM |

Joseph V. Doria selection

Please explain to me, exactly what it is that Joe Doria has done to "...facilitate[ing] the creation of affordable housing for working families."

If this is a basis for your selection then you owe us readers some explanation as to what he has done.

Posted by: Joe Metelski, None | Dec 30, 2008 16:24:31 PM |

Power List

Zulima Farber?????
Let’s see--
12 speeding tickets
4 bench warrants
3 license suspensions and participation in an illegal immigrant rally..And this doesn’t include the final fiasco that caused her to resign.
Guess she was "influential" to get nominated for Attorney General..Great pick!!!!!!

Posted by: Mike Rath, None | Jan 04, 2009 13:14:12 PM |

What about other influentials...?

What about Rev.Dr Miguel Rivera, President of CONLAMIC (Nationatl Coalition Of Hispanic Clergy), who represent more than 16,000 Hispanic churches?
What about Angel Cordero, South Jersey activist who is figting in favor of getting a good education for the poor children, etc? His number 973-342-0312

Posted by: Rev. Dr. Manuel Jordan, None | Jan 05, 2009 07:19:57 AM |

Power Profiles

Nice job on the list of the most influential people in NJ, but Captain Bill Sheehan, the Executive Director of the Hacksack Riverkeeper organization, should have been on the list. I personally know Captain Bill, and his life is devoted to the preservation of the Hackensack River.

Taken from

Who Is Hackensack Riverkeeper?

Captain Bill Sheehan, the Hackensack Riverkeeper, is a lifelong resident of the Hackensack River area, having lived most of his life in Union City and Secaucus, New Jersey. He is a dedicated, active conservationist who founded Hackensack Riverkeeper in 1997 and serves as the organization’s Executive Director. Captain Bill holds a Master of Inland Waterways license from the US Coast Guard.

Capt. Bill is a member of many environmental and public interest organizations, serving most of them in a leadership capacity. He is a Principal Partner in the Hackensack Meadowlands Partnership, and a Founding Member of the Hackensack River Watershed Fund. Most notably, Captain Bill is a member and two term chairman of the Bergen County Trust Find Public Advisory Committee and currently serves as Chairman of the Meadowlands Conservation Trust; the latter being the state board charged with identifying and facilitating the acquisition of open space in the Meadowlands and throughout the watershed of the Hackensack River.

Captain Bill has been recognized for his work on numerous occasions by the media, government and the environmental community including the New Jersey Audubon Society’s 1996 Conservationist of the Year Award and the 1999 Annual National Clearwater Award for excellence on the waterfront from the Waterfront Center in Washington, DC. In 2002 the US Fish and Wildlife Service recognized him for his work on behalf of Meadowlands conservation, he and the organization received a 2003 Environmental Excellence Award from the NJ Department of Environmental Protection. In 2004 Captain Bill was given the River Networks National River Hero Award.

When he is not leading Eco-Cruises, chairing meetings, or otherwise advocating for the Hackensack watershed, Captain Bill enjoys rock and roll music, movies and fishing for Striped bass in his favorite river.

Posted by: Linda Iorio, None | Jan 06, 2009 18:18:14 PM |

Power List

At first I was dismayed - who are these people? None of them are the ’most influential’ in my life, at least not directly. Then I was disgusted - the vast majority all having to do with politics or influencing political decisions.Is this what living in New Jersey is all about? Finally I was saddened - where are the humanists, the religious leaders, the charitable? To me that’s true ’power’.

Posted by: Thom Smith, None | Jan 08, 2009 08:02:39 AM |

Should be Included in Power list

Another very worthy person that should be included is: David Szuchman, Director of Consumer Affairs - NJ. New at his post but making a big impact. Please check it out.

Posted by: Arlene Shulman, None | Jan 11, 2009 07:05:19 AM |

December 2009 issue

I will like to get the December 2009 Issue send to my home at 4 Glynn Court Parlin, NJ 08859 if there is a charge please bill me, my name is Guillermo Arango, I will also like to start geting the magazine every month

Posted by: Guillermo Arango, Parlin, NJ | Feb 12, 2010 15:41:03 PM |

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