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25 Perfect Pizzas

We asked for your suggestions, then we started to eat—and eat. We logged more than a thousand miles, and concluded that these are the pies to pine for.

Posted January 12, 2010

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New Jersey Pizza
Photo by Marc Steiner/Agency New Jersey.

Pizza-Town USA in Elmwood Park
Bruce Tomo of Cedar Grove, and his sister Michele Ginter of Totowa, keep the family fire burning in Elmwood Park.
Photo by Marc Steiner/ANJ.

Santillo's in Elizabeth
As big inside as a small garage, this century-old brick oven in Elizabeth is Al Santillo’s muse fourteen hours a day.
Photo by Marc Steiner/ANJ.

A Mano
24 Franklin Ave, Ridgewood

Bright, airy trattoria with striking deep red walls and two orange-tiled, igloo-shaped, wood-burning pizza ovens made from volcanic rock and soil imported from the Mt. Vesuvius area. Gluten-free pizza also available.

The Story: You don’t know authentic Neapolitan pizza until you’ve eaten in Naples—or at A Mano (which means “by hand,” and is how they make everything). The crust of true pizza Napoletana laughs at usual terms of praise like “thin” and “crisp.” If a slice doesn’t seriously droop, it’s a disgrace to the pizzaiuolo’s (pizzamaker’s) art. When done right, as at A Mano, using imported Caputo extra fine flour, the crust is lightly chewy, almost fluffy, with tasty charred edges and a nutty flavor.

Owners Fred Mortati and Carlo Orlando, both with backgrounds in food importing, are sticklers in every way. The A Mano staff makes its own sauce from whole, peeled San Marzano plum tomatoes, and its own pillowy mozzarella from mounds of big fresh curds. All told, it’s why A Mano is one of only three pizza restaurants in the U.S. to be certified by both the VPN (Verace Pizza Napoletana) and the APN (Associazone Pizzaiuoli Napoletani).


428 Stokes Rd, Medford

Green walls with white oak trim, khaki-colored booths, and brass rails. Takeout staff (and the owner) love to banter. Delivery Thursday through Saturday only, BYO.

The Story: Back in 1968, Denis Branco Sr.’s new pizza shop on the corner of Stokes and Jackson roads was the only game in town. Though the historic township and its pizza offerings have since grown exponentially, Branco’s shop remains a standout. “My dad owned a hot dog stand in Wildwood; he wasn’t a pizza guy,” says Branco, 65. “So when we opened in Medford, I went out and learned how to make pizzas, picking up techniques everywhere I went.”

Now the student has become the master. Branco uses five different types of high-quality tomatoes. “When you buy cheap tomatoes you have to use tons of seasoning and cook ‘em to death,” he says. “With good tomatoes the flavor is right there.”

Instead of sugar, Branco adds carrots to lend a natural sweetness to the sauce. The cheese is a blend of mozzarella, provolone, and pecorino Romano Branco prepares in the kitchen. He says he sometimes wonders if people notice the details anymore.

“Sometimes I think they don’t appreciate it, and I get mad when I see the chains with people in line out the door,” he says. “I don’t get it. Their stuff is total garbage. But I’ll put my pizza against anybody’s. I know what goes into this.”


Brooklyn’s Brick Oven
161 Hackensack Ave, Hackensack
15 Oak St. Ridgewood
443 River Rd, Edgewater

Incongruous ski chalet (Hackensack) with arched ceiling and exposed beams. Checkered tablecloths, liquor license, cash only, no slices.

The Story: From a coal-burning oven, a soft blistered crust, wet and saucy on top, made with sliced fresh mozzarella.

Read more here.


DeLorenzo’s Pizza
1007 Hamilton Ave, Trenton

Family-friendly, family-run. The dining room walls are lined with photographs of celebrities and sports figures taken by the owner’s brother. Waiting room (where you’ll likely spend a lot of time if you don’t get there early on a weekend) decorated with historic photos of the DeLorenzo clan.

The Story: Rick DeLorenzo Jr. and his three children run this restaurant, which makes a thinner crust pizza than that served by DeLorenzo’s Tomato Pies.

Read more here.


DeLorenzo’s Tomato Pies
530 Hudson St, Trenton
2350 Route 33, Robbinsville

Funky old downtown storefront (Trenton) or stylish, modern suburban restaurant (Robbinsville), making Jersey’s first style of pizza. On-site parking in Robbinsville.

The Story: Owned and operated by descendants of the founders.

Read more here.


Due Mari
78 Albany St,
New Brunswick

One of NJM’s Top 25 restaurants, Due Mari serves sophisticated seafood and pasta in a high-ceilinged, dark-wood setting with a 360-degree oval bar power scene. Last year it added a gas-fired Italian brick pizza oven.

The Story: Due Mari’s light, delicious, 12-inch bar pizzas (available in the dining room, too) are ecumenical. The sauce is made from three kinds of tomatoes, two from California and one from Italy. Soft, milky fresh mozzarella is used in the pizza Margherita. The others use a combination of whole- and skim-milk mozzarella. The dough is made with a blend of semolina and high-gluten flours and a somewhat lower than normal water content for added crispness. “It took two to three months to tweak the dough,” says executive chef and partner Bill Dorrler. “Now that it’s colder, it’s a whole ’nother ball game. I’m not an expert yet; I probably have 20 years to go.”

The pizza sauce ages for a day after it’s made, then a handful of pecorino-Romano is tossed in just before the sauce is applied. When the pizza emerges from the oven, it’s time for the final ecumenicism—“a Chicago-style trick,” says Dorrler. “We sprinkle a mix of oregano, pecorino, and parmesan, almost like a salt. It gives it a real nice depth of flavor. And you’re good to go.”


14 E Main St, Freehold

Narrow, brick-fronted, casual Italian restaurant with full menu, upstairs dining room, and bar. Outdoor seating in warm weather. Cash only, but ATM inside.

The Story: In 1921, Frank and Ester Federici, Italian immigrants, bought the Wolcott Hotel on Main Street in Freehold, eventually transforming it into a popular Italian restaurant. After sons Dante and Frank “Spat” returned from service in World War II, thin-crust pizza was added to the menu. The third generation of the family still serves that pizza today, and it is still one of the thinner crusts in the state. The surface is well browned, and the tasty sauce goes right to the edges.


563 Broadway, Long Branch

Old-fashioned storefront, family-friendly Italian restaurant specializing in thin-crust pizza. BYO.

The Story: Fred Scialla, a bread baker, opened Freddie’s across the street from its present location in 1944. Today it is co-owned and operated by Mark Brockriede, a cousin.

Read more here.


133 Clinton Street, Hoboken

Cheerful trattoria with checked tablecloths and white chairs. Open prep area in back makes it easy to watch your pizza being prepared and slipped into the super-hot, coal-burning oven.

The Story: Prepare to be served fast food—in the best sense—at Grimaldi’s, the sole Jersey outpost of a small Brooklyn-based chain. The coal-burning oven, one of the few in New Jersey, runs at 950 degrees, about 450 degrees hotter than most modern gas-fired ovens. Pizzas cook in a couple of minutes and emerge from the oven with puffy edges fringed in black.

Grimaldi pizzas are assembled in the manner of classic Trenton tomato pies—cheese first, crushed tomatoes second. The mozzarella is fresh, sliced, and pure white—not the more familiar aged, shredded, yellow. The sauce is semi-sweet and chunky and goes on after not only the cheese but the toppings as well. The crust is deliciously soft, chewy, and nutty. Available toppings include roasted red sweet peppers, a perfect pepperoni complement.


484 Sylvan Ave, Englewood Cliffs

Elegant, upscale restaurant, a bit of San Tropez near the Hudson, accented in shades of peach and lime.

The Story: Owner Tony Del Gatto and his chef, Alberto Leandri, roast whole fish and bake foccacia in their tiled, wood-burning oven, but they also turn out light, delicious, simple pizzas. Two favorites are the classic Margherita, made with fresh, imported buffalo mozzarella, and the wild mushroom pie with mozzarella and tomato.


Kinchley’s Tavern
586 N Franklin Turnpike, Ramsey

Dark, low-ceilinged, wood-grained roadhouse, with a giant Clydesdale statue over the front door. Tables are tightly spaced, packed on weekends. Display of Lionel trains in glass case divides bar from dining room. On-site parking. Cash only (ATM in side entrance).

The Story: At Kinchley’s, everybody is too busy eating ultra-thin-crust pizza to be tight-lipped. Everybody except George Margolis, whose father, Jerry, bought the place from the extended Kinchley family in 1986. George doesn’t want to say too much, and who can blame him? Kinchley’s crust may be the thinnest in the state, if only by a millimeter or two. But you don’t take a micrometer to Kinchley’s. Just enjoy the snip of each bite.

“The secret is in the recipe of the dough,” says Margolis, 32. “We don’t divulge anything more. There are a lot of people who try to copy us. Our kitchen runs like a factory. We use mechanical rollers, but the secret is in the dough.”

Margolis says the pizza “has been the same since 1947”—the year Kinchley’s Tavern, which dates to 1937 (though the building is older) added pizza to the menu.

Aside from the crust, Kinchley’s makes its own distinctive meatballs—little round ones, which sit on the pie like marbles. It also minces its broccoli instead of scattering the pie with chunky florets.

Jerry Margolis’ collection of O gauge Lionel trains, only a fraction of which are displayed in the restaurant, have been donated to the Mahwah Museum, which began showing them early this year.


La Casa Bianca
144 Main St, Whitehouse Station

Attractive, home-style Italian restaurant with picture windows facing Main Street. In restaurant, pies only, but slices sold at the counter, with its separate entrance, known as Giasuppe’s. On-site parking.

The Story: Dreaming of the pizza his grandparents used to make at their pizzeria in New Haven (around the corner from the famous Pepe’s), Paul Liscio asked his aunt for the dough recipe when he was about to open La Casa Bianca in Whitehouse Station. His aunt had worked with her parents in the New Haven restaurant and promised to look for the recipe. Meanwhile, Liscio, a CIA-trained chef, began trying to recreate it by trial and error. He says he tried 50 variations, finally arriving at a blend of semolina, regular flour, and high-gluten flour. Time passed. He forgot that he had asked for the recipe. Then one day his aunt came to see him, and as they hugged she whispered the recipe in his ear.

Liscio’s eyes widened. His experiments had led him to almost the same formula. He fine-tuned his recipe, and has been making pizza with ultra-fresh toppings and heavenly crust ever since.

Of normal thickness, Liscio’s crust has the chewy interior of fresh bread and a nicely browned surface. “I use very little yeast,” he says. “It means a slower rising but a better texture.”

He makes his own fresh mozzarella, mildly sweet and creamy for an excellent pizza Margherita. But the glory of La Casa Bianca pizzas is the wild mushroom pie, one of the three best specialty pizzas we sampled in our research. Liscio first sautés fresh portobello, shiitake, porcini, and regular mushrooms in olive oil and garlic, then spreads them thickly on the dough with sprinkles of fresh rosemary. Sautéing the mushrooms first exponentially intensifies their flavors and improves their texture.


Mack & Manco’s
On the Boardwalk at 8th, 9th, and 12th Streets, Ocean City (609-398-0720,

Bright green vinyl stools, faux-wood tabletops, and bright, flashing Mack & Manco’s signs that light up every night as predictably as the stars shine. Ninth Street location open all year.

The Story: “It’s definitely all in the crust,” says Tony Polcini, general manager of Mack & Manco’s three boardwalk locations. “It’s a family recipe that hasn’t changed since day one.” Cousins Anthony Mack and Vincent Manco moved from Trenton to Ocean City in 1956 to open their first location at 918 Boardwalk.

These days Vincent Manco’s son Frank and his wife, Kay, run the operation. Good luck getting the details. There’s definitely something different going on with the cheese—a little bit smoky, a little bit gritty—which most people theorize is a blend that includes extra-sharp, white cheddar. Then there’s the sauce, a sweet, brightly colored concoction that customers can watch being swirled onto the pies in a smooth, spiral motion through a hose. It’s a flourish worth seeing.

And finally, there’s the crust—thin and crispy. The edges often are dotted with deliciously browned cheese bubbles. Because the crust is so thin the sauce and cheese come through with extra kick.


Old World
242 ½ Nassau St, Princeton

Tiny takeout shop with a brick oven and pizza boxes stacked to the ceiling. Narrow counter facing the front window. Cash only (but there’s an ATM).

The Story: Though a relative newcomer, Old World, which opened in 1997, turns out mighty fine pizza. Fresh ingredients include slivered portobello mushrooms; thin-sliced, fresh-made mozzarella; and Italian San Marzano tomato sauce rich with character (mildly spicy). The dough is expertly stretched for a light, pliant crust and a pleasingly browned surface. You can customize whole pies with extra San Marzano sauce and toppings including roasted red peppers, imported anchovies, prosciutto, and, for vegetarians, meatless versions of sausage and pepperoni.


Papa’s Tomato Pies
804 Chambers St, Trenton

Simple wooden booths, fluorescent lighting, framed photo montages of celebrity customers and regulars, wide-open linoleum-like floor in center of dining room. Ample street parking in front.

The Story: The oldest, continually operating pizza parlor in New Jersey. Thin-crust pies with chunky tomato topping.

Read more here.


Pete & Elda’s
96 Woodland Ave, Neptune City

Multi-roomed, wood-panelled restaurant with red tables, a large bar, lots of illuminated beer signs, and a placard that reads, “Free tee shirt if you can eat 1XXLG pizza by yourself.”

The Story: People hearing, “Hello, Carmen’s Pizzeria,” when they call here may think they’ve dialed a wrong number, but there’s no mistake. Present owner George Andretta’s father was Carmen, and back in the late 1940s, Carmen ran the pizzeria while—on the same site—partner Pete and his wife, Elda, ran the bar. Whatever you call the place, the kitchen turns out some of the tastiest ultra-thin-crust pizzas around.

And they give out a lot of free T-shirts—as many as 90 to 100 on a summer weekend—to people who eat an 18-inch extra-extra-large pizza on their own. The record is three XXLGs in one sitting, by Paul Fitzgerald of Bayville, whose picture went on the website and looks like he could fit comfortably in a medium-sized tee.


Pizza-Town U.S.A.
89 U.S. Route 46, Elmwood Park

Jersey roadside attraction meets bus station charm plus 1950s Uncle Sam kitsch. On-site parking.

The Story: Crunchy crust with puffy edges; lusciously saucy, light on cheese. Let cool before eating so it pulls together.

Read more here.


Ralph’s Pizza
520 Station Ave, Haddon Heights (856-547-0030)

Small number of seats to the left of the takeout section. Old menu boards from the ’80s make it feel vintage. At dinner there is often a line out the door. No delivery.

The Story: At Ralph’s, the signature is the garlic and tomato pie, a square pizza (soft, like focaccia) topped with chopped plum tomatoes, fresh garlic, and shredded, low-moisture mozzarella. Simple, to be sure. But also incredible. “It takes a little longer to make than a traditional round pie because you have to fit the dough into the [square] pan and break up the tomatoes. But we think it’s worth it,” says Kathie Villano, who, with her husband, Ralph, has owned this small shop for 24 years. The rest of the pies are of the round, traditional variety.

The tomato sauce they use in their regular pie benefits from infusions of fresh basil grown in their garden. “As soon as it starts growing, my husband picks off the leaves and brings them to the pizzeria,” Kathie says. “And when we get close to the end of summer we harvest the rest, wash it, dry it, and store it in air-tight bags to use for the rest of the year.”


Ralph’s Pizzeria
564 Franklin Ave, Nutley

Corner slice joint with nicely renovated exterior and adjacent formal dining room for sit-down restaurant. Come after school, the slice shop is full of kids. Evenings, families. No delivery.

The Story: When Ralph Pellegrino opened his pizzeria in 1961—the first one in Nutley—he hired a 17-year-old kid named Pasquale “Pat” Custode to help him. At the time, Ralph’s whole menu fit on his business card. In 1985, after Pellegrino died of a heart attack, Custode took over the business and continued to build it. But his respect for his first boss is so great that he still uses Pellegrino’s ovens and his old-fashioned mechanical scale. Custode also keeps two paintings on the wall that Pellegrino loved.

Ralph’s makes excellent individual thin-crust pizzas, but its treasures are the pies it makes for slices, which can be purchased whole. Unabashedly not thin crust (“We wanted to give the kids a little more to eat”), they are cooked twice—first just with sauce, then again with cheese and toppings. The result is a crust that is not just crisp, but crunchy and flavorful—“fully cooked through,” as Custode puts it. Uniquely satisfying.


Reservoir Tavern
92 Parsippany Blvd, Boonton

Friendly, high-ceilinged, wood-paneled roadhouse with bar. Widely spaced tables. On-site parking.

The Story: “Everybody asks me, ‘What do you do, and how do you do it?’” says owner Nick Bevacqua III, 53. “It isn’t a matter of any particular ingredient. It’s how we handle it. We don’t rush things.” For example, the dough is allowed to rise for 24 hours before it is used. “It gives it a bubbly texture in the crust,” Bevacqua says. “Texture is sometimes a little bit overlooked these days, so we give that special attention.”

Reservoir’s crust, not of the cracker-thin school, is pleasingly chewy with a crisp surface and plenty of bubbles around the edges. The sauce and cheese balance nicely. “We never changed the pizza from the day we started,” Bevacqua says, referring to his grandfather, Nicola Bevacqua, who bought the White Horse Tavern in 1936 and renamed it the Reservoir for Boonton Reservoir, which it faces.

Still, Reservoir is open to special requests. About ten years ago a customer asked for pizza with potatoes and bacon. “I took away the tomato sauce and added garlic and olive oil,” Bevacqua says. The potatoes are boiled, then baked, then baked again on the pie. The result, called Gatto di Patate (Potato Cat), may sound starchy and heavy, but it is actually moist and luscious, one of the three best specialty pies we came across.


Santillo’s Brick Oven
639 S. Broad St, Elizabeth

From the street, it looks like nobody’s home. Entrance is around the side of a narrow, drab residential building with (fortunately) a large sign out front. Takeout, local delivery, and cash only. Forbidding as it may sound, the neighborhood is safe and the owner is welcoming and highly personable.

The Story: Like his father before him, Al Santillo has devoted his life to making what may well be the best pizza in New Jersey.

Read more here.


Sciortino’s Harbor Lights
132 S Broadway, South Amboy

Big comfy restaurant with carpet, curtains, ceiling fans, and large bar.

The Story: “I tell all the workers all the time to give a full ladle of sauce, and go right to the edges,” says Louis Seminski, 54, who took over Sciortino’s twenty years ago from his mother, Mary, and her sisters. That instruction accounts for one of the distinctive qualities of Sciortino’s pizzas—a fuller layer of sauce than usual. Thick and slightly sweet, the sauce contains tomato paste and a blend of spices devised by Seminski’s grandmother, Frances, who founded the restaurant in 1934 with her husband, Paolo Sciortino, a barber, wrestler, and butcher from Sicily.

Pizzas get rubbery when mozzarella dominates the mix, especially when it’s of a pedestrian grade. At Sciortino’s the cheese is good and the sauce is lip-smacking. “We make our dough every day—that’s a big thing, too,” Seminski adds. The restaurant, formerly located in Perth Amboy, uses a high-gluten flour. Meatballs are homemade—two parts beef to one part pork, plus breadcrumbs, pecorino Romano cheese, salt, pepper, garlic, and eggs—another legacy of Grandma Sciortino.


Star Tavern
400 High St, Orange

Family-friendly bar with small tables (push ’em together for large parties) and wooden booths. Décor: 1960s rec room. Video games for kids, sports on flat-screen monitors. Semi-open kitchen affords view of pizza-making—but don’t block the waitresses. On-site parking.

The Story: In the 1980s, when he was still a practicing attorney, Gary Vayianos used to come to his father’s restaurant, Star Tavern, on Friday evenings in his suit, change into whites in the back room, and “work the pizza ovens” until closing. Star, which opened around 1945 in the same location, was already renowned for its thin-crust pizzas when Vayianos’ father, Aristotelis, bought the place from the previous owners in 1980.

“They tried to buy it back from us a couple years later,” Vayianos says. “They realized they made a mistake.” But the Vayianoses weren’t looking back. They built the business while keeping the pizza “the same as ever—we wouldn’t change a successful recipe.” When Aristotelis died in 1988, Vayianos, a taxation specialist, decided to trade one kind of bar for another (plus a restaurant).

“I never regretted going to law school,” he says, “but every time you get a new administration, you get a new tax code. Nobody’s ever going to rewrite how to make a pizza.”

The way Star does it, Vayianos says, “is very simple. There’s not a lot of secret ingredients. People try to add too much to it. Our dough is hand-rolled. We don’t use a pizza press, we don’t toss them in the air to stretch them. We don’t let the dough rise too much. Because the crust is thin we cook it halfway on a steel pan, otherwise it would break apart. Then we remove the pan and finish browning the crust.”

Secret ingredients do come into play in the white clam pie, one of the three best specialty pizzas we encountered. Usually chopped clams are sprinkled on a regular tomato and cheese pizza. The Star white clam pie doesn’t use tomato sauce. “It’s actually a white clam sauce,” Vayianos says. “My father created the recipe. It takes about six to eight hours to cook up a batch. I don’t think it can be found elsewhere.” Tip from Vayianos: Squeeze fresh lemon on the pie.


Upper Crust
1576 Route 206, Tabernacle

Family-friendly dining room with hand-painted murals of Southern Italian landscapes. In lively takeout section up front, pizza is made in the open. Located in the nondescript Yates Plaza shopping center. Slow down on 206 or you’ll blow right by.

The Story: “I have a recipe that I’ve stuck with, but sometimes you have to make adjustments here and there depending on the raw materials available at the time,” says Frank Caterina, 49, who owns Upper Crust with his wife, Robin. “For instance, some flours have a different protein content than others. Some tomatoes have different acidity levels.”

That’s where experience comes in. Caterina has been making pizza since age 14, when he worked at Pizza Joe’s in Vineland. Lessons in yeast fermentation, his preference for the flavor of vegetable oil over soybean oil in the crust, and the subtle ratio of sugar and salt in the sauce, have all led to one of the most well balanced pies in the Garden State.

The crust is light and fluffy, but firm enough at the bottom to support the weight of the generous amounts of cheese. The sauce, which Caterina considers the most important part of the equation, is a rich blend of sweet and zesty. Several gourmet options are available—like the outstanding Bellagio, a thin-crust pie topped with plump roasted red peppers, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, garlic, olive oil, and generously strewn leaves of basil.


Venice Restaurant
31 Cottage St., Bayonne

Low-ceilinged sports bar with rear dining room, also piazza-like patio for warm weather dining.

The Story: In 1939, Luca and Teresa Piscetelli, immigrants from Naples, took over the space that had been Barney Dwyer’s speakeasy and renamed it Venice Restaurant. “They started thin crust pizza in this town,” says their great-granddaughter, Debbie Smith, who owns the place today with her fiancé, Paul Marko. The recipe hasn’t changed since 1939—its continuing popularity is evidenced by the number of pies Venice ships out of town and even out of state. Last year they sent ten pies to Albany, New York; five to Pennsylvania; and five, frozen, to Florida.

Venice also fulfills customer requests for specialty pies, no matter how bizarre. Recently they created a “disco fries” pie topped with French fries, mozzarella, cheddar, and brown gravy. The customer comes in for it once a week.

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The Perfect Slice

Many, many thanks for this piece, or slice. A lot of these places, however, don’t make the kinds of pies a lot of us grew up on, closer to the classic Trenton tomato pie or the Boardwalk slice. Very Euro/brick-oven individual things. And a “disco fries” pie? With French fries, mozzarella, cheddar, and brown gravy? This is like a pineapple bagel. Here’s a pizza maker who’s losing his soul in the "customer is always right" marathon. Close to grounds for avoiding the joint at all costs (although "since 1939 in Bayonne" gets my attention). I don’t think it should be like Primo/Tony Shahloub in Big Night - this isn’t quite "the rape of cuisine" - but shouldn’t a line be drawn somewhere? Even if only "I refuse to talk about/acknowledge that I do that" while doing it under the counter?

Posted by: Paul from Menlo, Woodbridge - MPT | Jan 23, 2010 15:33:03 PM |

Columbia Inn, Montville, NJ

My opinion on the best pizza in NJ is the Columbia Inn in Montville, NJ. The thinnest crust I’ve ever had. The cheese is not greasy, its’s cooked in a brick oven and you can tell the ingredients and toppings are of the highest quality. When our kids come home from college every break the first place we go is here as a family. Been going there since it openned. I urge you guys to try it!

Posted by: Jack Mullen, Towaco | Jan 20, 2010 14:40:51 PM |


So glad to see you featured Pizza-Town in your article. It’s been a staple in my life since I’m a little girl. Best pizza of all time. Fresh homemade style.

Posted by: Stephanie Borrelli, Little Falls | Jan 20, 2010 16:12:35 PM |

Pizza Pies

A nice article on NJ pizzas, a couple of restaurants were left out Chuckles Pizza and Pasta in Lawrenceville has fantastic specialty pies and Conti’s in Princeton also wonderful Pizza pies!!!

Posted by: Paul DiDonato, Lawrenceville | Jan 22, 2010 12:24:49 PM |


I was disappointed to not see Central Pizzeria in Somerville not on the list. I used to deliver at multiple pizzerias over the years- including Alfoso’s across the street. I committed blasphemy- I would actually get pizza from Central sometimes after work at Alfonso’s and I think Alfono’s is pretty good, so that should tell you something! Next time, you should check them out- it’s all in the sauce.

Posted by: Doug, Bridgewater | Jan 22, 2010 15:52:12 PM |

New trenton area pizza shop with great Tomato Pies

Corleone’s makes a thin crust tomato pie that rivals Delorenzo’s Tomato Pies. I prefer Corleone’s because the crust is just perfect, not too hard. Corelone’s has just a few small 2 seater tables. It’s more for take out and delivery. They even give free Zepoles with each order!

1270 So Olden Ave.
Hamilton,NJ 08610

Posted by: Pete Federico, Fieldsboro | Jan 26, 2010 08:09:44 AM |

Two more to consider

Benny Tudino’s is worth a trip to Hoboken. It’s best known for its enormous slices, but the flavor is excellent, too. Also, I’m sure a lot of New Jersey towns have a great local family-owned pizzeria. But Long Valley Pizza, on Route 513, is excellent. Great crust, nice sauce.

Posted by: David Mark, Long Valley | Jan 31, 2010 02:26:54 AM |

I agree

Hooray for the mention of Long Valley Pizza! I miss it since I moved to the shore. When I’m up in Oldwick for my practice, I’ll sometimes sneak up to Long Valley for a late lunch- the sauce is great and the staff friendly.

Now I have to try the one in Long Branch- need a good pie down here.

Posted by: Kim Leatherdale, Elberon | Feb 01, 2010 19:04:02 PM |

Cassies Restaurant

I enjoy a thin crusted pizza; heavy on the cheese as well....A really good place with 2 locations is Cassies...They have a restaurant in Englewood, NJ and also in Orangeburg, NY...Give them a try; fresh mozzarella, great pasta dishes and fried calamari to die for...

Posted by: Tom , West Nyack, NY | Feb 04, 2010 05:30:16 AM |

Capri Pizza in Kenilworth?

Interesting list. Two of my favorites (Santillo’s and Star Tavern) are here, as well as my father’s old favorite (Pizza Town USA).

I live 3,000 miles away now and the first thing I look forward to every time I come home for a visit is a good slice of Jersey pizza. Capri Pizza on Boulevard in Kenilworth used to be one of my favorites, but I never see it on any of these "best of" lists. Granted, I haven’t been there in about 9 years so maybe something’s changed?

Was it just me? Does / did anybody else love that place? Is it still around?

Posted by: JayinPortland, Portland, Oregon | Feb 06, 2010 11:09:23 AM |

Pizza Express, Norwood, NJ

I am sad to see that Pizza Express on Livingston Street in Norwood is not on the list. They have THE BEST margherita and they are the HOME OF THE TACO PIZZA.

You have to try it ASAP!

Posted by: Wendy, Morris Plains | Feb 04, 2010 01:58:28 AM |

Star Tavern - the greatest pizza in NJ...and beyond!

I was very happy to see Star Tavern included in your list, because that made the entire list credible. I hope to sample other pizzas in this great pizza-making state of ours! I only wish some were closer to Westfield, which is a vast wasteland of thick chewy crusts...see for full article.

Posted by: westfield foodie, Westfield, NJ | Feb 04, 2010 02:49:24 AM |

federicos brick

man if you been to the Federicos in shrewbury you have to try the one in Brick. By far the best pizza i have ever had. Made by Federico himself.

Posted by: pat muldoon, brick,nj | Feb 04, 2010 16:36:08 PM |

the real pizza of the jersey shore........

You gotta be kidding. These pizzerias suck.theres a guy in shrewsbury n.j. thats makeing pizza not only with heart but with soul. Vic Mazza. aka. Victor Federico. Step son of Federico Dalia co founder of Ferderico’s pizza popalar chain in jersey. This kid is the best i’ve ever seen. Fast, acurate, and best pie i ever had all 40 years of my life. Pizza started with sauce, mozz., and dough, and thats what you order. Federico’s Pizza Express Shrewsbury Plaza Shrewsbury N.J.

Posted by: wes kimmet, eatontown, n.j. | Feb 04, 2010 04:18:29 AM |

wrong info for reservoir tavern?

i used to live near your listed address in parsippany and recall only trees standing where the map location resides.

isn’t it:

Bevacqua’s Reservoir Tavern
92 Parsippany Blvd
Boonton, NJ 07005

Posted by: Tim, Fort Lee, NJ | Feb 08, 2010 15:56:55 PM |


Tony Spirito’s in Elizabeth was awesome...not around anymore though. Zia Lisa in Edison was my pizza spot growing up and Sal still makes the best pies there. There’s something about that sauce.

Posted by: Anthony, Highland Park, NJ | Feb 11, 2010 19:23:55 PM |


I was really suprised not to see Villa Italia in Lyndhurst or the Park Tavern in E. Rutherford.
I think Nj mag rates only their paid sponsors.

Posted by: James Cotugno, Rutherford, Nj | Feb 13, 2010 01:36:33 AM |


Your list of 25 great pizza places is not up to par. First, you forgot to add the Star Tavern in Orange and Chimneyrock in Gillette. Both excellent for thin crust pizza and they have a great selection of beer. One to remove, the Reservoir in Boonton; pizza not that tasty and is often burnt on the bottom.

Posted by: John Wilkins, Meyersville | Feb 12, 2010 10:59:13 AM |

A real Pie

Your list is missing one of the greatest pizza places in Jersey-- The Front Street Trattoria in Red Bank. If you havent been, I strongly suggest you make a trip there this weekend and try any of their amazing pies. Your taste buds and tummy will thank you. Both the thin crust and deep dish are phenomenal. Go. Try it. And love it. I dare you to come back and tell me otherwise.

Posted by: Aly, Sea Girt | Feb 12, 2010 21:11:01 PM |

Recent Article

I just had to write to you after reading the article on best pizza in New Jersey. Your magazine chose Ralph’s in Nutly.
There pizza is good but not even close to the best in that area. 3 Guys Pizzeria on franklin ave in Belleville,not far from Ralph’s, has been around longer and has the best pizza in the area by far. They have one the towns pizza contest every year that they enter, which included the over all prise which beat Ralph by a land slide.
Which would lead me to believe some of these pizza place make it due to who they know, not the food that they serve. I must apologize for saying that it is fixed but if you ever went down to 3guys and tried their pizza you would definitely be saying Ralph who? I’ve met the owner Jerry and he is as old school as the pizza they serve, and at the end of the day I think that is why they have the best pizza around. They haven’t change anything since the 60’s when he first opened the place. Sad thing is there walls are over flowing with awards for best pizza but a place like Ralph’s get published in your magazine.

Posted by: Joseph Middleton, Belleville | Feb 15, 2010 18:56:28 PM |

Ralphs in Haddon Heights made It! Alright.

I’m lucky to live a mile from Ralph’s. It’s great to see it get the attention it deserves.

Posted by: Scott , Haddon Heights | Apr 11, 2010 21:15:25 PM |

Best Pizza and Tomato Pies

I have eaten at 8 on the list and the place to eat Tomato Pie is Pappa’s or DeLorenzos on Hamilton Ave. You can also goe to Conti’s in Princeton or Genaro’s in Robbinsville (the new comer in the Tomato Pie wars). The best Neopolitan pizza is "Brothers on 33" in Hamilton Township. Regarding Chuckles - I wouldnt feed that place to my dog - I lived up the street for years and the place is GROSS.

Posted by: Mitch, Pennington | Jul 28, 2010 18:34:51 PM |

Where is Sunrays?????

Sunrays in littlefalls on main street.....24 slice...well done....

Posted by: Jon Blauvelt, teaneck | Aug 08, 2010 14:05:20 PM |

Best Pizza

Pizza Town USA baby!!! One of the best!
My wife thought I was crazy when I fist took her whenever we are in the area she wants to stop at Pizza Town USA. Delicious.

Posted by: Jay, Boonton | Aug 11, 2010 22:36:39 PM |


Sawmill in Seaside makes a huge and very good slice. Delorenzo’s in the Burg/Trenton in my opinion though is Jersey’s best. If down Ocean, try Mack & Manco’s.

Posted by: Jay, Jersey | Aug 23, 2010 13:25:33 PM |

best pizza

how can you not consider LENNY’S PIZZA lavallette!!!! by far the best on the the jersey shore perhaps in jersey!!!!! have a slice you’ll agree.

Posted by: brian judge, lavallette new jersey | Aug 28, 2010 05:03:38 AM |

North Jersey Pizza

I’ve hit most of the ’top rated’ pies all over North Jersey and Luigis in Ringwood is my favorite standard slice, best cheese and sauce around! Oakland Pizza in...uh, Oakland is great too (great all around Italian food)

Cafe L’Amore in Oakland and Kinchley’s Tavern in Ramsey make great thin-crust, brick-oven pizza but I prefer the standard slice anyday.

Posted by: Arclight Images, Ringwood | Oct 29, 2010 22:33:22 PM |

Best pizza in North Jersey

I have lived up in North Jersey for the past 25 years. The best pizza in Northwest Jersey is Carmines in Netcong. It’s a little shop on Main St that has been family run for years. I use them as my standard when trying out a new shop. Their crust is light and airy. Just enough sauce and a nice mix of cheeses. It’s now run by the son’s of the owner (Carmine). Mom and pop can sill be seen checking on the quality.

Posted by: Ken Reed, Blairstown | Nov 06, 2010 17:45:47 PM |

the best pizza

The best pizza is KNOCKOUT PIZZA .60 Chambersbridge Rd. Lakewood NJ.and the mussels are to die for! The subs are better then jersey m---s.

Posted by: Richard Hafner Sr, Lakewood | Nov 12, 2010 18:51:10 PM |


Cant believe that Vincents in Cliffside Park NJ didnt make this list- They have been around forever and at one point was named best pizza in the tri state area- Def check them out!!

Posted by: Vinny, Bergenfield | Nov 22, 2010 18:52:20 PM |

Ah Pizz in Montclair

Since "Ah Pizz" is new (less than 6 months), I understand why its not on the list, but as a former "Kinchley’s is the best Pizza on the Planet" guy (on list from Mahwah, NJ), YOU MUST visit this authentic Naples, Italy brick oven pizza with all fresh ingredients. Only two pizza places in NJ have the distinction. is the non-profit that authenticates napoletana pizza.

Posted by: Bill P, Ho-Ho-Kus | Nov 30, 2010 13:27:51 PM |

Best Gormet Pizza on the Planet

Capri Pizza in Sicklerville, NJ is home of the spectacular thin crust sicilian Grandma pizza. One of the only pizza shops that I’ve seen to sell a thin crust sicilian. With the crispy crust and gobs of melted fresh mozzarella it is the pizza to beat in my eyes, its perfect.

Posted by: Scott Tennett, Sicklerville, NJ | Dec 10, 2010 19:24:48 PM |

Best Gormet Pizza on the Planet

Capri Pizza in Sicklerville, NJ is home of the spectacular thin crust sicilian Grandma pizza. One of the only pizza shops that I’ve seen to sell a thin crust sicilian. With the crispy crust and gobs of melted fresh mozzarella it is the pizza to beat in my eyes, its perfect.

Posted by: Scott Tennett, Sicklerville, NJ | Dec 10, 2010 19:24:52 PM |

Best Pizza

C’mon how can you even talk about pizza without mentioning Tony’s in Long Branch, I’ve lived all over the Country and no other pizza can touch it.

Posted by: Samuel Mills, Long Branch | Dec 21, 2010 18:34:58 PM |

Tommys Coal Fired Pizza

I was born in NY and moved to NJ when i was 7 years old so i know my pizza. The best Pizza i have eaten is at Tommys Coal Fired Pizza located in Red Bank NJ.

Posted by: Carlo Corso, Long Branch | Jan 09, 2011 16:24:17 PM |

Tommys Coal Fired Pizza

Tommys Coal Fired Pizza has them all beat. They have the best doe and sauce and the Pizza id alwayd done right. I am supprised that Tommys has never been mentioned in NJ Monthly.

Posted by: Nunzio Traviglia, Middletown | Jan 09, 2011 16:28:35 PM |

The Ultimate PIZZA & Restaurant

Unless you have eaten at one of the Tommys Coal Fired Pizza locations you have never experienced the ultimate,supreme, unbelievable flavorable taste of a true coal fired Pizza Pie. If this note encourages you to try one of the Tommys’ locations you will also be blown away by their secret recipe for Chicken Wings.

Posted by: Ron Centaro, Hallandale Beach, FL | Jan 10, 2011 23:37:32 PM |



Posted by: MARGARET MONDANARO, BAYONNE | Jan 18, 2011 16:51:56 PM |


There is NOTHING like Sciortinos pizza from South AMBOY. The homemade sauce, sausage, meatballs and crust are like non other. It has a sweet taste to it, but the romano cheese and tomato sauce balances each other. The sausage has that fennel taste and the crust has an almost burnt quality. We crave it and people come from all over to taste one of the first brick oven pizzas in the state.

Posted by: joan ark, Millstone Township, nj | Mar 05, 2011 03:34:09 AM |

Three boys from Italy pizza

Three Boys from Italy is the best pizza in the tri-state area hands Down. They have brick oven pizza that is to die for. The owners are straight out of Italy so you know they know what they are doing. If you have not tried this pizza yet, get there as soon as you can

Three Boy’s From Italy
238 Livingston Street
Northvale, NJ 07647

Posted by: TJ Bodrato , Northavle | Mar 12, 2011 12:29:40 PM |

You missed one!

Without a doubt Pizza Como in Clinton, NJ should have made your list. It is best when dining in. We have no connection to Pizza Como other than we enjoy eating their pizza as whenever possible.

Posted by: Dan, Bloomsbury, NJ | Apr 15, 2011 20:16:00 PM |

Best Pizza

The best pizza in our area, hands down, is Dino’s Cucina Coal Fire Pizza in Old Tappan. Freshest ingredients, pizza is made by the owner with artistry. Great whole grain pizzas too. The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting with no pretension. Gotta love it.

Posted by: Patricia Zuber, Closter | May 18, 2011 14:40:49 PM |

Best Pizza

The best pizza in our area, hands down, is Dino’s Cucina Coal Fire Pizza in Old Tappan. Freshest ingredients, pizza is made by the owner with artistry. Great whole grain pizzas too. The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting with no pretension. Gotta love it.

Posted by: Patricia Zuber, Closter | May 18, 2011 14:40:53 PM |

Soccer Jerseys

Soccer is my favorite,so is David Beckham

Posted by: Soccer Jerseys, | Jun 02, 2011 04:36:58 AM |

Best pizza in North Jersey

Center City Pizza opened not too long ago in a mall in downtown Paterson and my co workers and I eat there 2-3 times a week. The Margherita pizza is to die for and I don’t know what they put in their sauce but it is a slice of heaven every time!

Posted by: Bianca Torres, clifton | Jul 10, 2011 23:51:01 PM |


I’ve always been a big proponent of Freddie’s Pizza in Long Branch but I have recently been to Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza in Edison and I have to say it’s the best pizza I’ve ever eaten! They also offer coal fired wings which are equally as good. It’s worth the ride to Edison. Check it out!!

Posted by: Don Prout, Monmouth Beach, NJ | Jul 29, 2011 18:24:41 PM |



Posted by: LINDA RAD, MONROE TOWNSHIP | Feb 27, 2012 18:11:45 PM |

Best Pizza

Maybe they should call NJ the pizza state? Growing up there, you could eat a different pizza every night of the year and then start all over again on New Years Day but the best Pizza I remember was the place my father liked best - Sun Rays Pizza from Paterson now on Main Street in Little Falls just next to the railroad tracks. They make a humungous Sicilian style pizza with the thick crust (and not too thick) that fills two large pizza boxes. You could feed a small army with this pizza and the sauce was the best I have tried.

Posted by: Greg Pospiel, West Paterson | Sep 15, 2011 23:29:24 PM |

Pizza Vita

I’m sure that not everyone will be crazy for it as it doesn’t make the "traditional" pizza that we’re used to in the states but Pizza Vita in Summit makes the real deal!! If you want to feel like you’re in Naples check it out. It’s great for a change!

Posted by: Mike Del Duca, New Providence | Oct 28, 2011 22:30:44 PM |

best pizza

if itz really the best lets have a contest on the best cause chigo pizza is the best there is and if yall think nt lets have one illinios jersey winner makes world wide...

Posted by: kenyaira kirkwood, aurora,illinios | Nov 22, 2011 17:52:53 PM |


how could you possibly leave Vic’s in Bradley Beach off ?? i live in Arizona and recently went back for a class reunion - i stayed in Manasquan 5 days and ate at Vic’s 3 times
i even took a picture of a pie to take back to my family and make them jealous
anybody else feel for Vic’s

Posted by: rita lange, manasquan, new jersey | Nov 27, 2011 05:52:51 AM |


how could you possibly leave Vic’s in Bradley Beach off ?? i live in Arizona and recently went back for a class reunion - i stayed in Manasquan 5 days and ate at Vic’s 3 times
i even took a picture of a pie to take back to my family and make them jealous
anybody else feel for Vic’s

Posted by: rita lange, manasquan, new jersey | Nov 27, 2011 05:52:58 AM |

The Pizza I love

People all have their different taste . but for me Vic’s in Bradley beach is #1 then Star , Kinchley’ Reservoir .. man am I hungry.

Posted by: Romedog99, East Hanover | Dec 16, 2011 21:58:48 PM |

Pizza choices

Well...How about we pick from these choices?

Posted by: Girija Sundar, Succasunna | Jan 27, 2012 14:43:17 PM |

coal oven pizza

Cassies pizzeria in englewood nj makes a great pie in
a coal oven. always fresh and have never been dissapointed

Posted by: fran, norwood | Feb 12, 2012 22:55:32 PM |

Venice rocks it! Best thin crust pizza ever!

So glad you included Venice Pizza. It is absolutely the best thin crust pizza around. The sauce is phenomenal. Yum which I had some right now.

Posted by: Previous Bayonne Native, Bayonne | Jan 03, 2015 20:48:01 PM |

Venice rocks it! Best thin crust pizza ever!

So glad you included Venice Pizza. It is absolutely the best thin crust pizza around. The sauce is phenomenal. Yum which I had some right now.

Posted by: Previous Bayonne Native, Bayonne | Jan 03, 2015 20:48:06 PM |

Pizza town Pizza Appears to be All hype

I kept hearing from everyone how great pizza town pizza is, So as A pizza Aficionado that loves great pizza i finally checked it out on the week of my Birthday In Nov 2014.
I have eaten Pizza pretty much every where I go.
Unfortunately Pizza Town Was a big let down, the Cheese was dry almost burnt the crust was burnt and the sauce had zero flavoring. I was expecting more op and spices all i got was something close to the Ellios pizza they gave us in High school, It was quite disappointing. If there is some other pizza town and i somehow went to the wrong one .or if there is a better day to go? or slice other than regular that contains this Amazing whatever please tell me ?
otherwise im gonna to have to go with it sucks!!!

Posted by: Lou Gualario, fairlawn | Jan 06, 2015 01:26:01 AM |

Capri Pizza

One of the previous comments mentioned Capri Pizza in Kenilworth.... Yes they are still around. But they are not like they used to be. They used to be the best pizza around. I know people who moved away and would drive an hour for this pizza.

Posted by: Lisa, Kenilworth, NJ | Mar 18, 2012 02:40:00 AM |

Pompeii Pizza in Bayonne is THE BEST !

Pompeii is a "staple" in Bayonne and has delighted its customers with their world-renowned pizza for decades. Bayonne pizza is the best around (New York pizza comes nowhere near the outstanding quality and superb taste of Bayonne pizza), but Pompeii wins Best Pizza hands down!

Posted by: Maria K., Bayonne, NJ | Jul 19, 2012 16:20:04 PM |

Best Pizza NJ

The fact that La Scicilia isn’t mentioned is embarrassing. Incredible plain pie, even better specialty pies. Another real good place that is unknown to most: Reservoir Tavern in Orange, NJ. Very good pizza and try the Tony Salad for 2.

Posted by: mal maher, newark | Aug 21, 2012 20:43:51 PM |

Palermos in Bordentown is a hidden gem!

Palermos on 206 in Bordentown is in my opinion thee best Tomato pie I have ever had. I have tried so many well known places throughout NJ. I am originally from Bklyn and have tried for so long to fulfill my pizza cravings! Its very hard to find good pizza in NJ when you are accustomed to NY pizza. The tomatos are so sweet and their crust is simply perfect. I am always guaranteed a perfect pie. I think De Lorenzos doesn’t even come close to Palermos pies. AND they have the best chopped antipasta.

Posted by: Danielle Fiore, Millstone Twp 08510 | Sep 30, 2012 22:20:21 PM |

Star Tavern is the best!

I’m from Orange now living in South Jersey. I’ve found no one who can top Star Tavern Pizza! No one because every pizza Star Tavern makes is annointed with a unique flavor! I’ve eat many pizza’s but nothing none of them beats Star Tavern!

Posted by: Donald Malone, Orange | Jan 11, 2013 20:21:54 PM |

Best Pizza

Posted by: Steve, Newark | Mar 09, 2013 17:37:32 PM |

Best Central Jersey Pizza

Dominick’s (732-752-1440) in Piscataway on South Washington Avenue has amazing gourmet eggplant pizza. I ordered from them this week when I had friends over and they devoured it. I think the owners of Dominick’s are originally from Brooklyn, NY and they know good pizza.

Sciortinos in South Amboy has great, sweet sauce, style pizza. Delish

Posted by: Isabella, Piscataway | Apr 04, 2013 20:09:24 PM |

Pizza review

The inclusion of Pizzatown on rt46 in Elmwood park shows that this is written to make suburban pizza seem great; it’s usually not, because most suburban pizzarias stay in business because they are the only one in the town and have little competition. Most of these restaurants make gourmet style pizza, and the descriptions of the products are loaded with descriptions of the restaurants, which try to make you believe that what the restaurant looks like or what the personalities, names and heritage of the pizza makers are like will make the pizza taste better. It won’t.
I’ve been to several of these restaurants, and if what you’re looking for is a great version of pizza from a corner pizzaria in manhattan, you are not going to find it in these restaurants. That said, each place I went to served decent gourmet style pizza (just made fresh cheese; imported tomatoes; etc., fancy named ingredients), but none made what you would get in any decent Manhattan standard pizzaria.

Posted by: Alex B, Weehawken | May 30, 2013 08:50:21 AM |

king of pizza

the king of pizza in cherry hill and berlin and Gloucester city.they are the best in my mind.all I can say is try it

Posted by: chet, clementon nj | Feb 09, 2014 04:29:10 AM |

Get real.

So funny to read the words of people who think they’re experts on Pizza. They act like they know everything, and then they name their favorite pizzeria...........and it’s never anywhere special.

Seems most people think good Pizza is whatever their first slice was as a child. So, I guess 20 years from now we will have a generation arguing about Pizza Hut versus Domino’s versus Papa John’s.

Thankfully, I will be dead by then.

BTW: The best pizzeria in New Jersey did not even make the list.

Posted by: Lonny, Medford | Sep 17, 2013 04:25:00 AM |

best thin crust pizza ever

The best pizza ever is in Lido’s, Hackensack New Jersey. It is thin cracker crust with the right amount of cheese and more important sauce.

Posted by: Marilyn Sherman, Wood-Ridge | Oct 26, 2014 02:09:25 AM |

best thin crust pizza ever

The best pizza ever is in Lido’s, Hackensack New Jersey. It is thin cracker crust with the right amount of cheese and more important sauce.

Posted by: Marilyn Sherman, Wood-Ridge | Oct 26, 2014 02:09:18 AM |

Good old pizza

I love quit a few pizza places in N J. After years of trying so many pizza’s,Spirito’s in Elizabeth is still sooo delicious and still my favorite pie. I had not been there since the 1970’s and returned once last year and once two years ago.I think the old bag that waited on me was the good looking young woman that served me in the 1970’s.

Posted by: Lou, Toms River | Sep 04, 2013 00:19:13 AM |

Get real.

So funny to read the words of people who think they’re experts on Pizza. They act like they know everything, and then they name their favorite pizzeria...........and it’s never anywhere special.

Seems most people think good Pizza is whatever their first slice was as a child. So, I guess 20 years from now we will have a generation arguing about Pizza Hut versus Domino’s versus Papa John’s.

Thankfully, I will be dead by then.

BTW: The best pizzeria in New Jersey did not even make the list.

Posted by: Lonny, Medford | Sep 17, 2013 04:24:58 AM |

The best pizza u ever had

This place it’s been only two years around but I think they make the most delicious pizza all around nj. It’s called brooklyn boys located in edison 9 Lincoln highway. I think if u ever look for someone that makes a perfect pizza you can just give it a try and u will find the pizza boss creating the best pizza u ever had. Oh we’ll I forgot to mention they make tomatoe pie which is so much better and different than all usual pizza we have

Posted by: Benny, Edison | Dec 17, 2013 04:39:29 AM |

best pizza in nj

The best pizza this former New Yorker has had in NJ has to be at Millers Tavern in Annandale. Also really good at Sonys 2 in Hackettstown.

Posted by: Bryan, netcong | Sep 26, 2013 00:41:03 AM |


I cant believe nobody mentioned Deninos pizza in matawan NJ.I think it should be up there in the top 10 growing up in brooklyn I know my pizza and my bagels please do your self a favor and stop by Deninos in matawan I am sure more people would agree with me once they try his pizza its very good

Posted by: Jimmy the Greek, Sayreville | Dec 16, 2013 15:09:50 PM |


One of the best pizzas in NJ can be had at the Grant St Cafe in Dumont.

Posted by: Art, Fort Lee | Feb 08, 2014 19:46:02 PM |

best pizza


Posted by: kris, atco | Mar 31, 2014 18:26:22 PM |


VICS pizza is the best pizza in the world.Anything that resembles Vics,is still not even close to the taste that Vics is.Wood fired pizza is a modern invention and shouldn’t be compaired the traditional pizza that was made here in the USA back in the earily 40’s

Posted by: Jeff Ladd, Toms River | Apr 03, 2014 01:01:21 AM |


I’m originally from Kearny/North Arlington and live down in Brick for years, but the best pie I ever had was from Pizzaland. It’s a small hole in the wall place. It was shown on the opening credits of "The Sopranos". I’ve taken colleagues from Seattle, Dallas, and Philly to this place and they all agree that it was the best pie they ever had. Star Tavern is great too. The pies are similar. Best thin crust is Pete and Eldas, and Federici’s is a great and tasty pie as well, but for my money, I would go with Pizzaland.

Posted by: Dan, Brick, NJ | Apr 17, 2014 00:01:42 AM |

pizza restaurant in Lodi NJ

Pizza Pasta has been a local favorite for the Best Pizza, Delicious traditional Italian Dinners, Fresh Salads, Heavenly Wraps, Juicy Burgers and Mouth Watering Sandwiches. We strive to offer quality food in a pleasant atmosphere with Great Prices. All of our food is fresh and made to order from the best ingredients. Stop in, say hello and try our Amazing Food. You’ll be glad you did.....WE PROMISE!

Posted by: Pizzapastalodi, new jersey | Jun 06, 2014 11:05:07 AM |

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