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Best Places to Live in New Jersey 2013

Our bi-annual ranking of the best places in the Garden State to call home.

Posted August 16, 2013

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We’ve crunched the numbers, and here are the results: The Best Places to Live in New Jersey.

Our exclusive 2013 rankings are based on the most recent available data for home prices, property taxes, crime rates, school results and various lifestyle attributes.

We’ve combined the data using a proprietary formula to create the overall rankings of New Jersey municipalities. Next we stirred in additional ingredients to break out rankings for singles, young families and empty nesters.


The complete 2013 Top Towns list

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Alphabetical List
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Our Methodology
Read about how our town rankings were compiled.

Mendham: The Borough Tops Our List of New Jersey Towns
It’s not unusual for folks in Mendham Borough to lend their neighbors a hand. But more than the Morris County town’s strong sense of community makes it number one in New Jersey Monthly’s 2013 Top Towns survey.

Warren: Top Town, Central Jersey
Volunteerism is a way of life in Warren, and the people of the top Central Jersey town make it what it is. From the coaches in the recreation department to emergency services personnel to Warren’s various boards and commissions, the vast majority of hours are put in by volunteers.

Moorestown: Top Town, South Jersey
Moorestown, our top South Jersey town, fancies itself a town of winners. In 2013, the girls’ high school lacrosse team ranked number 1 nationwide. But their achievement is more than symbolic.

Hoboken: Best for Singles
Hoboken simply buzzes with life. With easy access to public transportation and a plethora of restaurants and bars, Hoboken has been transformed from a blue-collar town to a bedroom community for young, professional singles.

Monroe: Best for Empty Nesters
Empty nesters flock to Monroe. The town has more active-adult developments than any municipality in the state, comprising 50 percent of the local housing stock. As a result, almost half the population is 55-plus.

Oakland: Best for Young Families
Located on the western edge of Bergen County, Oakland is woodsy and a bit remote, but its midsize homes, good schools and low crime rate make it popular with young families.

Upper Saddle River: New Jersey's Most Affluent Town
Situated just south of the New York border, Upper Saddle River is a five-square-mile town whose residents—many of whom are doctors, Wall Street professionals and successful entrepreneurs—are the most affluent in New Jersey, with a median household income of $180,429.

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Re-locating to NJ

we live in East Sussex, England. My husband works in London and often has to go over to, Hoboken NJ.
We are considering re-locating to NJ.
I have 4 young children, aged 3, 5, 8 & 10 so am a little nervous as to whether it is the right decision.
I know nothing of the schools or areas
Any advice on schools and where best to move to would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks

Posted by: Claire , ENGLAND | Sep 04, 2014 17:39:21 PM |



Posted by: Dan Basta, Madison | Jul 29, 2014 23:38:23 PM |

Top 10 Towns in N.J.

I take these rankings with a grain of salt, which to me are totally subjective. Today’s #1 will be next year’s #50. By coincidence, I happen to live in the #5 town of Union and work in the #3 town in Warren. But guess what? The commute on I-78 can be a living nightmare! C’est la vie dans le New Jersey.

Posted by: John, Union Township | Aug 30, 2013 02:56:26 AM |

Not surprised

Middle of the pack it seems. Between clueless town council members. A summer where the biggest story in town was that of a nonsensical Cease & Desist letter to someone who "runs" a website. Another story of someone in town downloading porn on a computer and staying in town hall. But at least West Orange is smack dab in the middle!

Posted by: West Orange, West Orange | Sep 17, 2013 21:26:41 PM |

Air traffic noise???? - Union township, NJ

Hello everyone! I’m looking to purchase a home in Union township however, I am unfamiliar with the area. I know this town is ~10-15 minutes away from Newark Liberty International airport and I was wondering if there is significant or noticable Air traffic noise.

Any help is much appreciated!

Thank you!

Posted by: Chris Edwards, Bridgewater, New Jersey | Feb 07, 2014 18:42:25 PM |

Best Place to Live

Thank you NJ Monthly for recognizing the attributes of Warren Township that make us the BEST place to live in New Jersey. Not only does Warren have beautiful homes, wonderful open space and fantastic recreation sites; but we have a great community with many volunteers that make this a real home town even for us who were not born here. Mayor Vic Sordillo 2013

Posted by: Victor Sordillo, Warren Township | Aug 20, 2013 14:30:54 PM |

2nd. Best Place to live

Warren has always been known as the "greenest" town and after living in this town for 37 years, it truly is a wonderful place to live, raise children and retire. We have become a hub for those who want to live quietly, comfortably and yet can get to NYC in an hour, to the shore in an hour or the ski areas in an hour. We welcome you to come to visit, open a business or buy a home and you too can become part of Warren’s history...our motto Pride in our Past, Plan for the Future. Carolann Garafola, Warren Twp. Committeewoman for seven terms.

Posted by: Carolann Garafola, Warren, NJ | Aug 20, 2013 19:21:53 PM |

Top 10 Towns

You eejits spelled D-E-M-A-R-E-S-T wrong in chart!

Posted by: Riggo, Ramsey | Aug 21, 2013 22:51:21 PM |

Screwy ranking

I was born in New Jersey and know many of the towns in your top 50 well. Your methodology is flawed. You would need wings to commute from mendham, due to local traffic. You need to be very wealthy to live in many of the towns you rank highly, and these wealthy residents don’t use the public high schools. This ranking is ludicrous. It might be interesting to someone who lives out of state but would make little sense to someone who knows the state well. Try visiting the towns in your top 100. Then try again.

Posted by: Kathy, Livingston | Aug 22, 2013 23:22:40 PM |


I’ve read the methodology used, twice, and still can’t figure out how Somerville is at #471. I understand a third-party firm did the research, but was there any oversight? Have the editors ever been to Somerville? They’ve reviewed enough of our fine restaurants.

Posted by: Peter Donohue, Somerville 08876 | Sep 05, 2013 16:27:04 PM |


...did make the list, Marisa, by God! I thought they got a much higher ranking than deserved. Shall I repeat this post twice more?

Posted by: Peter, Sussex | Sep 06, 2013 13:38:06 PM |

comment from Summit

Maybe Summit didn’t make the list because if you are any indication of the people who live there, then you don’t deserve to have your listed in the top 10. Who would want to live in a town filled with people lije you!

Posted by: mary z., florham park | Sep 07, 2013 13:38:44 PM |


The best way to see towns is for yourself and as a resident of River Vale, NJ who is also a REALTOR and Accredited Buyer Representative with Friedberg Properties & Associates, I can tell you the Pascack Valley of Bergen County has a lot to offer, including great schools, train service and much more. Visit me on the web at or call me direct at 201-937-9497

Posted by: Jason Feinman, River Vale | Sep 08, 2013 02:10:59 AM |

Not surprised

Middle of the pack it seems. Between clueless town council members. A summer where the biggest story in town was that of a nonsensical Cease & Desist letter to someone who "runs" a website. Another story of someone in town downloading porn on a computer and staying in town hall. But at least West Orange is smack dab in the middle!

Posted by: West Orange, West Orange | Sep 17, 2013 21:26:49 PM |

Top Rating in NJ

It is not surprising at all to see Warren Township high on your evaluation list. Vic Sordillo is a smart,dedicated individual who is more than capable of allowing your citizens to glow with this honor. Keep him in office !

Tom D.

Posted by: Tom Duncan, Monterey, VA | Aug 22, 2013 15:30:15 PM |


My wife and I moved into Mendham this year and I never thought I could love a town as much as I this one. The quiet beauty and friendly neighbors really do make up the town like the article says. We both have corporate jobs and commute in and out of the area daily. Not difficult and actually quite pleasant considering the landscape. We bought into the area for the schools and our children will be going to the public school system from K - 12.

Posted by: Anthony, Mendham | Aug 23, 2013 20:38:50 PM |

Tenafly # 7 - Top 10 Towns in New Jersey

My wife Hilary, son Hudson and I are thrilled to have our hometown of Tenafly, NJ ranked as the number 7th Top 10 Towns in New Jersey. If you know someone looking to move into our amazing town with fabulous school systems and incredible neighbors, please call me. I am not only a resident of Tenafly, NJ however, I am also a Top Producing Realtor with Prominent Properties Sotheby’s International Realty located at 90 County Rd Tenafly, NJ 07670. My website is and my cell phone number is 201-741-4999. Best Regards, Joshua M. Baris

Posted by: Joshua Baris, Tenafly | Aug 22, 2013 02:16:54 AM |

3rd Great Place to Live NJ

Wow, we just found out that our hometown was rated 3rd place out 100 in NJ! We raised our sons here and now are selling our home set on 2+ acres with Mountain Views. Home has 5 Bedrooms that includes a Aupair Suite on the ground floor.

Posted by: Sue, North Caldwell | Aug 24, 2013 13:44:18 PM |

5th Best place to live

This is the best town to live in. Its a small close knit community with an excellent school system.

Posted by: Crystal, Union Twp | Aug 27, 2013 01:34:09 AM |

6th Place

Our family moved to WCL in 2008 and never looked back! Small town, everyone more or less knows everyone else, and our daughter is thriving in school. Lots of room (especially for Bergen County) with a variety of socio-economic diversity. Great place to raise children.

Posted by: Maria, Woodcliff Lake | Aug 28, 2013 15:55:39 PM |

Flawed Ranking System

As best I can tell, you system does not take commute into account when ranking a town. A town in the middle of no-where, with no public transit or a 2 hour commute to New York should not be a highly ranked town. Its obvious to me, and will be obvious to your readers, that these h*ck towns with toothless losers working at the local Walmart should not be ranked higher than the towns with cosmopolitan amenities. I happen to live in Summit, NJ which you shunned from your list. You know what, you don’t want us then we don’t want you. Summit has a top 20 school system, one of the best commutes to New York (direct train under 40 min), a lovely downtown, and cultural amenities. What we don’t have is toothless losers who have a standing reservation at the Olive Garden. NJ Monthly, you should know better. I realize your magazine isn’t called New York Commuter Monthly, but you need to recognize who matters and who doesn’t. Have fun catering to the ones that don’t matter. I said good day.

Posted by: Adam, Summit | Aug 28, 2013 17:07:35 PM |


"What we don’t have is toothless losers who have a standing reservation at the Olive Garden".

Super classy, Adam, super classy.

Posted by: Steve Mechlance, Summit | Aug 28, 2013 19:45:45 PM |

Best Places to live

After spending the 4th of July with friends from all over the country who come back to NJ to vacation, my 14 year old turned to me and thanked me for picking Mendham Boro to live specifically because she could walk anywhere with her friends in town and feel "safe". She realized that her friends from Fla., Kansas, St. Louis could not do the same thing even though they lived in suburban communities where their families were very involved. I learned about Mendham Boro’s top slot sitting at a local pub talking with my public school math teacher from thirty years ago who teaches my kids today and still asks about my siblings who are scattered across the country. My husband and I commute daily. The airport is 40 minutes. Midtown direct is 20 including parking as long as you know how to avoid high school a.m. traffic. My father and mother left communities close to the city (having met on the DeCamp 66)and my father commuted to NYC from Mendham for thirty plus years because he fell in love with the beauty and energy of the town. The energy today is the same as the community has moved from a bastion of corporate families to more diverse families of hard working parents who value education and their community. We never intended to move back to my hometown thinking it too far out and too quiet, but we have no regrets now sending our fourth child into high school. p.s. I did caution the youngest about feeling "too safe" anywhere!

Posted by: maureen mahoney, Mendham | Aug 28, 2013 19:23:23 PM |

Norwood in the top 10

I’m a "Jersey Girl" all my life. I like to think of myself as a "Metro Area Jersey Girl" since I grew up in Fort Lee, a stones throw from NYC. I’ve lived in Norwood and the "Northern Valley" all my (30+ years) married life and raised three wonderful children. We, who live in Norwood, absolutely love our town. Like fine wine, the more we live here the more we love it. We have an abundance of open "green" preserved lands, many of our properties are on acre plots, our taxes are reasonable for Bergen County, our schools are top rated, and we are minutes to NYC or upstate New York. You can find a large 4 bedroom house on over an acre for $695,000 on 158 Broadway in Norwood and be on THE Broadway in NYC in 45 minutes! As far as I’m concerned, Norwood is the #1 place to live in NJ!

Posted by: Marie Petikas, Norwood | Aug 30, 2013 16:25:22 PM |

How does Westfield dropped from 11 to 89 in 2 years?

How does Westfield NJ go from 11 to 89 in a matter of 2 years? Did I miss something?
While taxes did increase this past year, Westfield still includes one of the top 5 downtowns in the entire state, a top notch public schools system, easy commute to NYC (Train Line and bus stop in town) which includes express stops from Westfield to Newark and back during peak hours, while proudly boasting an extremely involved community. I invite you to attend a parent teacher night at Edison school or perhaps visit Tamaques Park during one of the youth seasons and you will see most parents involved or attending. In terms of beauty, our town is filled with parks and tree-lined streets as well as being a central hub for easy travel to both NYC and the shore. This should easily make Westfield a top 25 town. But to the original point, how does Westfield go from 11 to 89 in 2 years? Something tells me your list is arbitrary and lacks consistency because this type of drop statistically just doesn’t make sense.

Posted by: Erik, Westfield | Aug 29, 2013 12:09:24 PM |

Flawed rankings

I will no longer subscribe to this magazine after reading these rankings that are clearly flawed. It is incomprehensible that Summit NJ is not on this list. How do towns without a downtown, horrible transportation and commuting options, higher taxes and worse school rankings appear here? Summit has a top 15 school ranking, low Union county taxes, a great cosmopolitan downtown, and midtown direct train to NY in 40 minutes. It also has a range of houses in value that is accessible to both first-time homeowners and high-end buyers. These rankings have zero credibility. I recently purchased a home in Summit NJ and went through an exhaustive home search throughout NJ of towns with reasonable commutes to NYC. Summit was by FAR the best option of all the towns considered. Bergen county, which I seriously considered during my home search, only offers bus service into Manhattan that can take 2 hrs with traffic and is unreliable v. midtown direct trains that are reliable and much faster. I am in complete disbelief at these rankings.

Posted by: Summit NJ, Summit | Sep 01, 2013 22:24:43 PM |

Mailing List

I plan on moving to NJ in the future, so please add me to the mailing list. Thank you!

Posted by: Maria Sallustio Dana, Staten Island, NY | Sep 03, 2013 18:54:27 PM |

Top towns

I think Metuchen should have made the list. It is in a great central location for commuters to NYC and Amtrak commuters to DC and Boston. It has great schools, the Greenway, good local events. Good for families overall. Why didn’t it make the list?

Posted by: Marisa, Metuchen | Sep 04, 2013 11:46:50 AM |

Top towns

I think Metuchen should have made the list. It is in a great central location for commuters to NYC and Amtrak commuters to DC and Boston. It has great schools, the Greenway, good local events. Good for families overall. Why didn’t it make the list?

Posted by: Marisa, Metuchen | Sep 04, 2013 11:46:54 AM |

Top towns

I think Metuchen should have made the list. It is in a great central location for commuters to NYC and Amtrak commuters to DC and Boston. It has great schools, the Greenway, good local events. Good for families overall. Why didn’t it make the list?

Posted by: Marisa, Metuchen | Sep 04, 2013 11:46:56 AM |



Posted by: Dave Moleski, Caldwell | Sep 07, 2013 22:39:13 PM |


You have lost all credibility. Your rankings are not consistent and make no sense. They are simple calculations that do not consider true quality of life, the future of the town with active projects, etc. I think your "consultant" firm plugs in a bunch of numbers in a spreadsheet and spits out something they have no knowledge of, and you just print crap to get attention and sell print. Somerville is one of those towns that you drastically changed the ratings in a negative way, when there has only been positive change in the area. Somerville is the County Seat, a great hospital, with many jobs local and in the area keeping business busy and property values stable compared to other dumps like BOUND BROOK that FLOODS EVERY storm. There has been recent redevelopment on Main Street, new restaurants with great rankings, etc. The Jazz Fest, two annual festivals, parades, a WORLD Famous Bike Race, Classic Cars lined up on Friday Nights for Cruiser just to name a few. Somerville has easy access to 202, 206, 22 and 287 to reach the numerous telecom and pharma companies in the area. Get a clue!

Posted by: Kat, Somerville | Sep 09, 2013 00:24:06 AM |

Housing Price

It looks pretty obvious to me that they think the more expensive your house is, the town is better to live in.. So if you have a big house in the middle of nowhere, you probably have a maid who can drive 30 mins do the shopping, and a wife who does not work and takes care of the kids while she shacks up with the pool boy (great quality of life for her). All while the husband works 80 hours per week to keep up the mortgage and his affair (great quality of life for him). Living 2 hours from the city doesn’t matter because they have apartments for those "long hours" spent away from the #1 town.

Posted by: Jersey, South Bound Brook | Sep 09, 2013 00:54:06 AM |


Summit is a nice town with great ammenities. However everyone doesn’t give a crap about going to NYC. And the towns in BC that this person chooses to put down are great towns with great schools and more than adequate commuting. As a matter of fact many people do it. Perhaps Summit isn’t ranked in the list since Union county as a whole blows.

Posted by: AJ, Nutley | Sep 09, 2013 12:34:36 PM |

Best places to live article

I am so disappointed in the ranking that our little city received in this article. The way we are ranked implies that we are the last place anyone would want to live in New Jersey. Granted, you explain how it was all concluded, but without really visiting our area, how can anyone evaluate what we have to offer and what our town is really like. We have dedicated people who work constantly to make this a great place to live. We have a brand new state of the art middle school, are part of a new state of the art high school whose students are winning many awards in sports and academics, we are home to last year’s Miss New Jersey, we have more that 12 active churches, all of which of which participate in community activities and events, we are close to excellent medical care, including an excellent hospital system, we are only 18 miles from shore areas, have a pristine river at our northern boundary, have a beautiful lake with full amenities, including camping facilities, we have many annual events, including Hometown Celebration, Latino Parade and Street Fair, fireworks, Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day parades and services, sports for all children, a new water treatment plant with excellent water, a new homes development where homes are selling, we will break ground this fall for a senior housing 100 unit project, have a train station, bus service, restaurants, a mixed community where people say hello to you on our main street. I wouldn’t want to live any place else. Statistics is not the whole picture.

Posted by: Hazel Mueller, Egg Harbor City | Sep 12, 2013 19:07:12 PM |

always different

due to ass kissing results will always change

Posted by: alan pignataro, reason for rankings | Sep 13, 2013 17:14:16 PM |

Sussex county?? Not one town?

Did I miss something? Did not ONE TOWN in Sussex County make the top 100?
What about the adorable town of Sparta?
It was good enough for a Trump and Brad Pitt, but not good enough to rank? I dare you to find a more interesting neighborhood than the Alpine Village of Lake Mohawk.

Posted by: Missy, Sparta, NJ | Sep 14, 2013 01:31:17 AM |

Warren, the 2nd best town?

If there are many volunteers, why tax is still so high? I have payed over a quarter million dollars, really, for last 12 years: no school children, no garbage collection, no street lights. The library is so and so with more loud speaking employees than users. The police should be merged with nearby towns. Why not when schools are already merged? Bring the tax down. Reduce unnecessary services and employees.

The selection method is obscure. I feel Summit and Chatham should have been ranked to the highest category.

Posted by: Jay, Warren | Sep 14, 2013 13:18:15 PM |

Student Test Scores

I think the biggest flaw is factoring in Student Test Scores as a variable to the rankings. What do they have to do with quality of life?

Example 1 - A happy single person living in one of the new apartments on Main Street. Maybe commutes to the city via train for work a few days a week or one of the many high tech companies within 20 mins, lives near restaurants, no kids and has a great quality of life

Example 2 - Many of the folks living in the retirement home - Kids are grown, they have a nice happy life waiting to die, or many of the other parents with grown kids in Somerville, who don’t give a hoot about student test scores that have no bearing on their life.

Example 3 - A new couple with no kids, busy working and have quick and easy access to work via the main roads, enjoying all the things to do locally.

Example 4 - Couple with 2-3 kids who maybe don’t do so well on standardized tests. Not every kid can be smart, some kids have to grow up being perfectly happy not going to college and maybe starting their own local business or working at their parents Restaurant, or becoming a Police Officer, or getting into local town organizations and politics.

You gonna tell me that everyone’s quality of life depends on standard test scores? Come on, there is way more to life!

Posted by: kat, Schooltown, NJ | Sep 16, 2013 19:41:57 PM |

Not surprised

Middle of the pack it seems. Between clueless town council members. A summer where the biggest story in town was that of a nonsensical Cease & Desist letter to someone who "runs" a website. Another story of someone in town downloading porn on a computer and staying in town hall. But at least West Orange is smack dab in the middle!

Posted by: West Orange, West Orange | Sep 17, 2013 21:26:44 PM |

Montville - really?

And where is Boonton Twp on this list? Bucolic with great parks (the Tourne -RFL fields), tons of open space, community oriented, Mountain Lakes High School, variety of housing options - condos, split levels up to Hawk Hill mansions.....the list goes on. Best place to live in NJ!

Posted by: jb, Boonton Township | Sep 22, 2013 13:33:42 PM |


Based on what are your scoring these cities and towns? Has anyone rating these towns ever been to Somerville? We have the best restaurants, lovely streets, quiet neighborhoods, The Tour of Somerville Bike Race, we are on the train line, great people, a very diverse population and much, much more. In addition, summertime friday nights in Somerville are wonderful - antique cars, live music and people enjoying themselves all over town. Camden and the City of Orange came in higher? Really? This list is bogus! No faith in your judgment.

Posted by: Kathy , Somerville | Sep 22, 2013 16:38:30 PM |

The List Of The New Jersey Towns

I hope this time you will respond to my E-Mail since I can’t get the list online. If I don’t here from anybody by my E-Mail I will give New Jersey Monthly a phone call and see why no one is responding to my E-Mails. I’ve give in my E-Mail address several times to you and don’t get a response. I would like to know how all the towns rank. If I don’t here by September 30th I will give New jersey Monthly a phone call some time after that date and see why no one wants to respond to my E-Mail.

Posted by: Derek, East Windsor, NJ | Sep 25, 2013 18:52:41 PM |

considering a corporate move to Mendham

My wife and our two college bound kids are considering a corporate transfer to New Jersey. We are particularly interested in a community with lower property taxes, low crime rate and a place to call home. If anyone can provide information about the area, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Posted by: Mike, Tampa, Fl | Sep 26, 2013 22:05:11 PM |

Top 100

It is very sad that there obviously Is no town in the whole state that is both affordable and desirable, the towns listed in the top 100 are out of reach for most New Jersey residents. What would be a great service to residents and those looking to move to our state would be ranking the towns by affordability and quality of life. If Im paying over for a house and over 10k in property taxes its kind of a no brainer that the town is going to be nice

Posted by: Dyanne Shornock, Brick | Sep 27, 2013 03:29:20 AM |


Why are half the posts about peoples commute to and from work. This is not what makes a town in the top 50. Wake up! Crime rate, schools and housing are amongst the biggest factors. Not about traffic! Grrrrr

Posted by: sal, North Caldwell | Oct 02, 2013 13:50:07 PM |

Hightstown, really?

Why is it listed so high? I lived there for the past five years and it’s pretty much a hole.

Posted by: J, Eatontown | Oct 30, 2013 16:03:26 PM |

Re: Considering a corporate move to Mendham _Response to Mike, Tampa, Fl

Hi Mike,

I’m a Sotheby’s Real Estate Agent, specializing in Somerset & Morris Counties. Having relocated to New Jersey myself with my husband (for a corporate transfer) and two children, I have experienced what you are now considering. These factors were important to my husband and I as well. I would be happy to provide information about the area and help you find the right area for you and your family. Depending upon what type of property and amenities you are looking for and your price-range, Far Hills or New Vernon (in Harding Township/adjacent to Mendham) could be great areas for you. Both areas are beautiful and are known for their low taxes.

Please feel free to reach out if you’d like further assistance.

Theresa Haldeman

Posted by: Theresa Haldeman, Basking Ridge | Nov 05, 2013 00:59:36 AM |

top nj towns to live in

Please can you send me whole list.


Posted by: Darko, Fanwood | Dec 02, 2013 20:28:16 PM |

#1 place to live

I just purchased my first home in Mendham and I couldn’t be happier or feel safer. It is a quiet town but full of energy. Great schools and people. I am pleased I made the decision to buy in Mendham and feel my investment will always be protected.

Posted by: Tina, Mendham | Dec 06, 2013 04:18:38 AM |

Monroe living

I live in Monroe and there isnt always alot to do for empty nesters. Try to take a trip, booked.

Try to take a trip with another township cant, dont live there. Monroes taxes are thru the roof.
Many people dont live here because of that and many people are leaving Monroe. Its a pretty town, yes but you can get that anywhere. The new Mayor is allowing builders to build where ever they hell they like. Even the "protected areas" are disappearing slowly but surely. Very crowded here and traffic is bad.

Posted by: Nylan, Monroe | Jan 08, 2014 16:27:16 PM |

Relocation to NJ for Mike in Tampa

I just re-located to NJ from Southern CA and it is amazing here. Beautiful area, top academic schools, 5-star restaurants and commutable to NYC. The community that I think is the best kept secret because of its amazing equestrian estates and yet very, VERY low property tax base is Harding Township (also my town of Peapack-Gladstone is a bargain for this area) I’s love to share more. Contact me at Make the’ll never look back! And that’s coming from a girl who just left Sunny Laguna Beach!

Posted by: Deb McChesney, Peapack-Gladstone, NJ | Jan 15, 2014 19:40:30 PM |

Won"t download

This thing took my email address but wouldn’t download.

Posted by: Jim, Morristown | Feb 09, 2014 12:23:23 PM |

Air traffic noise???? - Union township, NJ

To Chris Edwards...

Union is a town close to the airport and just like in other towns in this area, you may hear air traffic from time to time. I hear it at my home as well. What you can do it make sure you are away from the actual flight pattern but, just remember these change and you can have more noise in an area that currently doesn’t have any.

Hope that helps. I’m a real estate agent and I have this question in our area regularly.

Best of luck!

Susan Powell

Posted by: Susan Powell, Cranford | Feb 16, 2014 17:08:48 PM |

Survey is definitely off

These rankings are clearly off. I grew up in Upper Saddle River and my folks still live there (since 1982). While it’s a wonderful, quiet place to grow up, it is most definitely not the most affluent. I think they meant Saddle River. There is a substantial difference between the two towns. Anyway, great places to grow up, excellent public schools, etc. I would recommend to families, however there is NO town. We rely on Allendale, Ramsey and Ridgewood for shopping and commerce. Towns in the general area, including Woodcliff lake, Ho-Ho-Kus and Glen Rock are all lovely places to raise kids, etc.

I too am surprised Summit did not make the list, beautiful town with a lot going for it. So many great areas in the state, its just getting very expensive no matter where you look.

Posted by: Kevin, Upper Saddle River | Mar 13, 2014 14:43:56 PM |



Posted by: Frank, Barnegat | May 09, 2014 00:40:35 AM |


What I want to know is, why the blank does it matter what the commute to NYC is?! Screw NYC, that’s another state. New Jersey is a FINE place to live with plenty of culture and whim all its own. Our sidewalks are never sticky and most places don’t have people standing at intersections asking for money (and being ignored by all of the bleeding hearts). I say all of NJ is in the top 100 ... well except for Camden. Ew! Beautiful downtown, but then what?

Posted by: Eddie, Paterson | May 30, 2014 13:10:40 PM |



Posted by: g, stillwater | Jun 10, 2014 07:02:14 AM |

Best places to live nj

Best places to live nj

Posted by: Jenny Renaud, Bridgewater | Jul 02, 2014 19:49:04 PM |

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