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Big Bottles Make Big Gifts

December 17, 2012 02:38 PM ET | Sharla Blanz | Permanent Link

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A wine gift can make an impact, especially when it’s out of the ordinary. To make a really big impact you might want to give a really big bottle of wine.

A standard bottle of wine is 750 ml and contains five glasses of wine. The next largest size is a magnum. At 1.5 liters it contains 10 glasses of wine—double the size and double the fun.

Magnums are a favorite for collectors because wine ages slower in these larger bottles. That’s because the wine is exposed to less air than in a 750 ml bottle. Personally, I am storing a number of magnums from the birth years of my children (2001 and 2003). I know that magnums preserve wine longer and also knew that I’d be holding onto these wines for at least 21 years. My sons have to hope that my husband and I don’t get too impatient or thirsty before then.

Depending upon the wine, magnums can sometimes be less expensive than purchasing two bottles. The younger the wine is, the better chance that you’ll get a deal. If you’re buying an older vintage the magnum may actually be more than the price of two bottles because the wine will be better preserved.

Magnums are fun to give, receive or drink from. “Hey, pass that big bottle over here,” is a statement I like to say during the holidays or anytime of year.

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