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Peek in Her Closet! Handbag Diva Patricia Bell

December 27, 2012 01:46 PM ET | Susan Brierly | Permanent Link

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I'm so happy to bring you my first in a series of style features affectionately dubbed, "What's in Your Closet?" It took me about two seconds to invite Patricia Bell of South Orange to be our premier collector extraordinaire. Lucky for me (and you) that she was totally up for a photo shoot.

Handbag Diva Patricia Bell
Take a peek inside the closet of handbag diva Patricia Bell of South Orange.
All Patricia Bell handbag photos by Andy Foster Photography, Montclair
Louis Vuitton Spring Handbag, found in Paris!
Louis Vuitton Spring Handbag, found in Paris!
Alligator Bag
Pat's designer clutch in magenta alligator.
One of Patricia Bell's first handbags.
One of Pat Bell's first handbags ... a tiny wire mesh purse with butterfly embellishment.

I first met Pat Bell a few years ago when I joined the magazine. It was a sweltering day, and I drove to her groovy South Orange neighborhood and knocked on the front door. From that point on, it was all a blur. I became weak in the knees and my head started spinning. Not because of the heat -- but because of her amazing home brimming with wild and wonderful artwork, funky furniture and found objects.

Pat is an effervescent chick, and a super generous person who does amazing things in the community -- like giving emerging artists a leg up. She also is a collector of everything from art to jewelry to wine. And she has a soft spot in her heart for handbags.

If you haven't read my "What's in Your Closet?" article yet, check it out. Here are a few images (thank you to photographer Andy Foster) that weren't published in the January issue. I thought you might like to see them.

Thanks to Pat Bell, the world is a more stylish and colorful place.

Happy New Year to all our readers!

Susan on Style

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