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Breaking News: Ryland Inn to Reopen

August 19, 2011 09:10 PM ET | Rosie Saferstein | Permanent Link

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Jeanne and Frank Cretella of Landmark Hospitality--the parent company of Stone House at Stirling Ridge, Liberty House Restaurant, Crave Caterers, and Celebrate at Snug Harbor (Staten Island)--will be reopening the Ryland Inn.

Initial plans are for a catering hall, to be followed upon approval by a second event space, restaurant, 40 hotel rooms including private cottages, ice cream parlor, and equestrian stable.

The barn on the property will be converted to a ceremony room leading out to a patio and garden. It can also be used for corporate events and screenings.

A grooms/men's area will include games, old time barber chairs for haircuts, a living room, video area, and dining room.

A separate area for women will include spa facilities, make up rooms, and more.

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Any word whether Craig Shelton will be involved?

Posted by: Kevin, Cream Ridge | Aug 19, 2011 23:43:55 PM |

Ryland Inn

I don’t think so. This project will take a few years.

Posted by: Rosie Saferstein, West Orange | Aug 20, 2011 16:32:20 PM |


When do you foresee being open for weddings?

Posted by: Lynn, Somerville | Jan 13, 2012 19:50:57 PM |

Grand re-opening photos

They had a grand re-opening party.

Here is link to slide show of photos from the event:


Posted by: James, Hoboken | Sep 05, 2012 16:43:21 PM |


Craig Shelton is not involved in this latest reincarnation. Chef Anthony Bucco (Stage Left, Uproot, Restaurant Latour) will oversee the new Ryland Inn.

Posted by: drich, Tewksbury, NJ | Aug 20, 2012 16:47:12 PM |

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