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BREAKING NEWS: Elements and Mistral to Join at the Hip

March 28, 2014 07:14 PM ET | Rosie Saferstein | Permanent Link

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Two of Princeton's most acclaimed restaurants, Elements and Mistral, will share a home, possibly as soon as this fall.

The rumors have been confirmed. Scott Anderson—executive chef of both restaurants and co-owner of both with Stephen Distler—will not have to shuttle a mile or so between Elements at 163 Bayard Lane and Mistral at 66 Witherspoon Street.

Anderson and Distler own the two-story building that houses Mistral. The space has been emptying out. When the last tenant, UPS, leaves, Elements will move in, assuming the necessary approvals are received. 

Mistral is on the first floor. Elements will occupy the second floor. The magic of the move is simple: It will allow the two restaurants to share the liquor license presently held by Elements alone. Elements will have a smaller dining space, larger private dining area and perhaps some menu changes. The menu at Mistral is expected to stay the same.

Construction is already underway to turn Mistral's patio into a pavilion style structure with a roof, four sides and a fireplace. Though it will be semi-open to the weather, the pavilion is expected to be usable 9 or 10 months a year. When it is open, it effectively doubles Mistral's seating capacity.

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Two great establishments that dont need melding.
Please dont destroy these gems by blurring their respective identities and attributes. Liquor premiums do not carry all the weight. "If it ain’t broke dont fix it."

Posted by: A, Millstone | Mar 30, 2014 01:30:29 AM |

Mistral and Elements

They will remain two very separate restaurants with very different menus. The only thing melding is that they will be in the same building.

Posted by: Rosie, West Orange | Mar 30, 2014 13:31:03 PM |

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