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Chambers Walk

Reviewed by Stan Parish   
Posted January 28, 2008

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A kind of culinary Swiss Army knife, Chambers Walk is a catering company by day, a casual bistro at lunch, and a candlelit, white-tablecloth restaurant at night. It tries to do too much and falls short, particularly at dinner.

An oily hanger steak taquito with caramelized onions contained almost no meat, and the accompanying mango salsa was little more than diced fruit. Pastas, available as full or half portions, included a delicious dish of rigatoni with Jersey tomatoes, shrimp, garlic, and baby arugula. Still, at $21 for a full portion, it was no bargain. Sweet and bitter were well-matched in a thick pork chop with broccoli rabe and caramelized peaches, but the chop was dry.

Requests for substitutions were enthusiastically agreed to by the wait staff, but were not acted upon by the kitchen. On one visit we were offered neither bread nor water, and we wondered if we were meant to serve ourselves, buffet style, from a bread basket and pitcher on a sideboard. Candles and white tablecloths alone do not fine dining make.

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