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Books by New Jersey Authors

Each week, our mailbox is jammed with books penned by homegrown authors. Here is a sampling of the many artistic pursuits of creative Garden State natives.

Feature Stories

What I Had Before I Had You

Sarah Cornwell's debut novel, "What I Had Before I Had You," follows a mother's search for her bi-polar son in her gritty, Jersey Shore hometown.

By Wanchee Wang

Missing Memory

Prolific author Joyce Carol Oates latest novel, "Carthage," is a murder mystery that relies on small town gossip, capricious witnesses and family politics.

By Joanna Buffum

Quiet Dell

In her new novel "Quiet Dell," Jayne Anne Phillips explores the brutal murder of a West Virginia family.

By Tammy La Gorce

The Trouble with Being a Duke

"The Trouble With Being a Duke" by West Milford author Sophie Barnes is set in 19th-century England and revolves around Isabella Chilcott, a seamstress who seeks adventure at a masquerade ball.

By Sophia Ahn

Big Girl Panties

Asbury Park's Stephanie Evanovich's debut novel shows how fitness can open doors to a young woman’s true self—even, or especially, when it’s cloaked under mounds of fat.

By Joanna Buffum

Courtesy of publisher.


Jersey Shore Impressionists: The Fascination of Sun and Sea

A Lambertville historian and art dealer writes about a largely unknown group of impressionist artists who painted Jersey Shorescapes in the late 19th Century.

By Joanna Buffum

Courtesy of publisher.


Jersey Shore Food History: Victorian Feasts to Boardwalk Treats

In her eighth book—Jersey Shore Food History: Victorian Feasts to Boardwalk Treats—Karen L. Schnitzspahn covers classic Shore food since the early 19th Century.

By Rebecca Desfosse

Courtesy of publisher.

Summer Reading

Sure Things for Shore Reading

Heading to the beach? Whether you bring a digital edition or old-school print, these Jersey-related summer reads will brighten your day.

Undercover in The Colonies

The first installment of a planned trilogy follows a group of female spies operating in New Jersey during the American Revolution.

By Joanna Buffum

Courtesy of the publisher.


Orphan Train

Orphan Train, the fifth novel by Montclair resident Christina Baker Kline, follows the lives of an orphan and a foster child in different historical periods in America.

By Joanna Buffum

Courtesy of publisher.

Toms River: A Story of Science and Salvation

A new book exposes the chemical contamination and subsequent discovery of a cancer cluster in Toms River.

By Wanchee Wang


The Good Cop

The Good Cop follows reporter Carter Ross as he investigates the suspicious suicide of a Newark police officer.

By Joanna Buffum