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Good Stuff Cheap: The Best Bargains in NJ

Who doesn't love a bargain? We sure do! We've spared no dime to find the best spots in New Jersey to ring up amazing deals on apparel and home goods.

Off-Price Apparel: Drastic Discounts

Find brand new, deeply discounted items at any of these retailers with locations all over the Garden State.

By Deborah P. Carter, Lauren Payne, Susan Brierly

Decorating Discounts

Where to find the best bargains for the home.

By Lauren Payne

Sold! NJ's Auction Houses

Searching for treasure? Put Jersey’s auction houses on your shopping map.

By Tammy La Gorce

When the Frame Becomes the Art

After receiving a frame as a gift, Linda Myers obsessed about making it bigger. Today, she pieces frames to create stunning art.

By Lauren Payne

Stylephile: Carla Fabrizi Cosmetics

Longing for that VIP treatment? Here’s a cosmetics pro steeped in Hollywood glitz.

By Susan Brierly

Good Things From the Garden

Bird Haven Farm's flora and fauna inspire whimsical jewelry designs.

By Susan Brierly

Happy Couple Revels in the Fun and Funky

Missing the eclectic shops of the big city, Deborah Graybill opened her own, The Shelter Vintage, that specializes in repurposed objects and home accessories.

By Susan Brierly

Fancy Fun: Low-Tech Kids Toys

It’s a high-tech world, but with another month of summer, these colorful, low-tech toys may beat the doldrums.

By Deborah P. Carter

The Cat's Meow: Purr-Fect Kittie Accessories

With bright colors, lots of imagination and a touch of humor, these sassy accessories have the meow-factor to please even the fussiest felines—and their owners.

By Deborah P. Carter

Mondo has the "World" on a String

A multiuse community resource brings 30 businesses under one roof in downtown Summit.

By Deborah P. Carter

Handbag Heaven: Make Mine a Mini

Looking for that perfect handbag to kick your fall wardrobe up a notch? Grab one of the season’s hottest looks, a mini cross-body bag. These downsized versions are chic, sporty and just the right size to hold everyday essentials.

By Susan Brierly

Love That Etsy Style

If you haven’t experienced Etsy yet, you’re in for a treat. The website is a global craft fair of handmade jewelry, accessories, textiles, pottery, photography and just about any party and wedding accoutrement you can imagine.

By Susan Brierly Bush

Harmonious Style: Quartet in Chatham

At this quaint Chatham shop, eclectic, modern, transitional and traditional styles coexist.

By Molly Tully

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