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Born Again: Rebirth of the Jersey Tomato

Everyone pays lip service to the juicy Jersey tomato. Now three Rutgers scientists are close to recreating the greatest Jersey tomato of them all.

By Paula Span

Great Oak Awards: Honoring NJ's Generous Companies

New Jersey Monthly created a program to honor the state's most generous companies. Read about the 56 finalists in our inaugural Great Oak Awards.

The 25 Best Restaurants of 2014

Our annual list of the best restaurants New Jersey has to offer. You'll find some rising stars, and plenty of old favorites.

By Eric Levin

When the Frame Becomes the Art

After receiving a frame as a gift, Linda Myers obsessed about making it bigger. Today, she pieces frames to create stunning art.

By Lauren Payne

My Schnack Attack

In reviving Schnackenberg’s, a vintage Hoboken luncheonette, new owners set out to make doughnuts that wow. They succeeded.

By Eric Levin

Good Old Summertime: Seasonal Steals

Invite the neighbors across the lawn for a down-to-earth backyard barbecue. Bring out the croquet set, slice up a watermelon and embrace a retro vibe with classic cocktails and grilled steaks served on genuine Fiestaware.

By Susan Brierly

Food Fit for a Film

Floyd Cardoz came into his own as a cook while working in Europe. Now, the esteemed chef is creating the food that will steal the scenes in the film, "The Hundred Foot Journey."

By Elly Schull Meeks

Plants Plot Their Revenge

Author A.J. Colucci creates a horrifying alternative reality while exploring the nature of human courage and maternal bonds.

By Christina Colizza

Jersey Choice Restaurant Poll 2014

The votes have been tallied and the results are in! Here are the best places to grab a bite in New Jersey, as chosen by you, the readers.

Family Friendly: The Braff Brothers Take Hollywood

Zach Braff (the star) and Adam Braff (the big brother) collaborate on a new film.

By Tammy La Gorce

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