New Jersey Hall of Fame Breaks Ground at American Dream

A highly immersive center in the East Rutherford complex will become the first permanent home for the New Jersey Hall of Fame since its 2008 inception.

Rendering of the New Jersey Hall of Fame's impending center at American Dream
The New Jersey Hall of Fame plans to open at American Dream in spring 2023. Illustration courtesy of the New Jersey Hall of Fame

A new attraction is coming to American Dream, as the New Jersey Hall of Fame has broken ground at the massive Meadowlands entertainment and shopping complex.

The Hall of Fame’s custom-built, 10,000-square-foot space is being described as an “Entertainment and Learning Center (ECL)” on American Dream’s third floor. The highly immersive center, expected to be completed in spring 2023, will become the first permanent home for the New Jersey Hall of Fame since it was established in 2008.

“American Dream is a one-of-a-kind destination and a New Jersey icon, making it the ideal location for our state-of-the-art center,” Hall of Fame chairman Jon F. Hanson said in a statement. “The Entertainment and Learning Center will be one of the ultimate symbols of Jersey pride, where we will be able to celebrate our great state and all the contributions made by its many illustrious residents.”

Visitors can expect lots of Jersey flair when they visit the ECL. First, they will be greeted by life-size replicas of New Jersey Hall of Fame inductees. The Hometown Exhibit will then let people enjoy a virtual-reality tour in a classic car with an inductee. The tour will visit that inductee’s hometown, school, favorite restaurant and more.

Speaking of classic cars, the center will house the historic Model T. Ford car that Hall of Fame inductee Thomas Edison received from Henry Ford in 1933. While the real thing is just for show, visitors will be able to hop in a replica of the famous vehicle.

The “Fly Me to the Moon” motion simulator, narrated by former astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly, will detail the Garden State’s scientific contributions. A Great Hall will display the center’s Wall of Fame, complete with artifacts and plaques celebrating over 200 inductees. The Great Hall will also recognize “Everyday Heroes” and achievements of the state’s citizens.

And for those looking to show off their pipes, there will also be a hologram karaoke stage, on which patrons can sing alongside some of New Jersey’s greatest talents. Duet partners include Frankie Valli and Gloria Gaynor.

“All of the exhibits within the ELC will allow visitors to explore their passions through the significant achievements and contributions made by each of our inductees,” said Hall of Fame president Steve Edwards. “It’s a place where we can take pride in our Jersey grit; and where we can all, including our children, be inspired to realize our highest and best sense of selves. I couldn’t imagine a more fitting home for NJHOF than one of New Jersey’s top destinations.”

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