Podcast Celebrates the Artists Who Make Jersey City Tick

On Tarik Talk, local painters, writers, musicians and more chat about "their creative process, their fears, things that make them happy.”

Tarik Mendes amid his recording equipment for his podcast, "Tarik Talk"
Tarik Mendes's podcast, Tarik Talk is in its third season. Art, he says, should be “accessible for everybody everywhere.” Photo: Courtesy of Tarik Mendes

A local artist is hosting a podcast that highlights the artists, dealers and curators who make Jersey City colorful.

Tarik Mendes, a Brazilian artist who lives and works in the Powerhouse Arts District, says art should be “accessible for everybody everywhere.” His podcast, Tarik Talk, features interviews with artists from many backgrounds living and working in Jersey City.

“It’s mostly artists talking about their creative process, their fears, things that make them happy,” Mendes says.

He emphasizes that the artists on his podcast run the gamut, from painters to writers, actors, musicians, composers and photographers.

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Artists featured on the podcast, now in its third season, have included sculptor Josh Urso and printmaker Kim Bricker. Mendes says he wanted to contribute to the Jersey City arts community and help bring artists closer together, so he began interviewing artists in residence at the ART150 collective in the Powerhouse Arts District.

Living and working among artists in the shadow of New York City, Mendes says, the Jersey City art community is often overlooked.

His new season of the podcast premieres during Jersey City Art Week, October 13-15.

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