2017 Jersey Choice Restaurant Poll

Do you have a favorite restaurant in New Jersey for steak? Pizza? Hot dogs? Make your opinion known by voting in our annual Restaurant Poll!

New Jersey Monthly Jersey Choice Best Restaurants 2017 logoThe 2017 Jersey Choice Restaurant Poll sponsored by Gary’s Wine & Marketplace is your chance to help select the best restaurants in New Jersey. The winning restaurants will be named in the August 2017 issue of New Jersey Monthly. By submitting a ballot, you become eligible to win one of three prizes in our random drawing.

DEADLINE: Midnight, February 28. One vote per email address please. Limit one submission per household or location. Restaurants are welcome to distribute links to this ballot, but restaurants assisting in the submission of ballots will be disqualified. Serial votes from the same IP address will be disqualified.

HOW TO VOTE: Use the drop-down menu for each category to find the name of your preferred restaurant in that category.

WRITE-IN VOTING: If you don’t see the name of your preferred restaurant in any category, scroll to the bottom of the drop-down menu and click “Other.” This will open a set of new boxes where you can type in a restaurant name and town.

CHAINS: Local chains appear as a single entry on each drop-down menu; it is not necessary to specify the location. National chains are ineligible, except in the chain category.

PRIZES: Three winning entries will be chosen in a random drawing. The grand prize is dinner for two at the restaurant named Best of the Best in your region. Second prize: $50 gift card to Gary’s Wine & Marketplace to use in store or online. Third prize: A one-year subscription to New Jersey Monthly. Winners will be contacted by New Jersey Monthly following the poll deadline of February 28; winners’ names will be published in the August 2017 issue of New Jersey Monthly. (ELIGIBILITY: You must be 21 or over to be eligible for the drawing. It is not necessary to vote in every category, but you must vote in at least 10 categories to be eligible for the drawing.)

Restaurants assisting in the submission of online ballots will be disqualified. 

VOTING IS NOW CLOSED! Thank you for participating.



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By submitting comments you grant permission for all or part of those comments to appear in the print edition of New Jersey Monthly.

Comments (23)

  1. Barbara A Brooks

    We recommend Steel Wheel in Ridgewood. Great atmosphere. I love the Steel Wheel bennie!

  2. Shane Gareth

    The Old Causeway Manahawkin
    For Best Burger, Brunch, New Restaurant, Steak.

    Mud City Crab house Manahawkin
    For Best Seafood.

    • New Jersey Monthly

      If it’s not on the list be sure to add it as a write in option! 🙂

      • Joel

        For future reference, how would a fine dining restaurant not listed in this survey arrange to be named the next time this survey is conducted?

        • New Jersey Monthly

          You can contact us for more information. 🙂

  3. Cristina Cristea

    Some of the categories won’t let me write in an option 🙁 like brew pub

    • New Jersey Monthly

      Hi there, sorry about that! Seems to have been a bug. We didn’t find any others that wouldn’t allow the write in option, just Brew Pub, but it’s been fixed! 🙂

      • Biljana Gjorgiovska

        You are soooo wrong. You have ignored my comment, few lines above this one… It seems like it’s already been arranged for the favorites and the winners…

        • New Jersey Monthly

          Sorry about that! We’ll go ahead and reply to that comment asap. Our available options are based on selections from the previous year and votes are not calculated in real time.

  4. Joe Popp

    Best Pork Roll Sandwich – Slater’s Deli!

  5. laercio chamon

    graze restaurant in little silver

  6. Gloria Celentano

    you can’t write in your vote for Best of the Best and New Restaurant either…you click OTHER but it doesn’t pop up with box to write it in!

    • New Jersey Monthly

      Thank you for bringing that to our attention, it’s been fixed. 🙂

  7. Gloria Celentano

    HEIRLOOM KITCHEN is my all around favorite!

  8. Biljana Gjorgiovska

    I voted for my favorite place in Montclair for Coffee and Tea – Trend Coffee and Tea House and my favorite place for brunch – lunch – diner – barbecue – new american restaurant in Garfield – Bistro 399 but neither of them showed up after I have added them in those categories.. What is the problem?

    • New Jersey Monthly

      Restaurants that are not on the list that are added via the “write in” option are not automatically appended to the list of available options so it would not show up in the drop down immediately.

      • Biljana Gjorgiovska

        Thank you for replying so “fast”. It is not fair to add last year’s options without having in mind that maybe some of them don’t exist anymore or that there are new places that are worth to be on the list, or even maybe that some other places have just acknowledged this poll. You MUST leave open door to everyone if you want this poll to be real and transparent. If you have limit for adding the write-ins then give an automatic answer about that, let the voters be aware. Also I’ve noticed that in the tea/coffee category (non chain) there are 5 options that are already chain bars because they are in multiple NJ locations, which is a contradiction. I can make few marks, but you get it. You need an improvement. As it is, doesn’t seem fair for me as a voter. 🙁 …

  9. Tatiyana X.

    I am shocked that I see Caribbean/Southern, German/Austro-Hungarian, Southeast Asian, and Asian Fusion categories with no separate category for Korean restaurants. There are 2 categories JUST for delis and no Korean category?! Korean cuisine is very popular in northern NJ and it is a very up and coming trend. There are Korean restaurants in practically every town now, please take notice!

    • Ken Schlager

      Thanks for the comment. We will consider a separate category for Korean restaurants for next year’s poll.

  10. GarageRock

    How can I see my votes? I want to recheck them…any help?

    • New Jersey Monthly

      Hi there. Unfortunately votes are not shown in real time, nor is it possible to recheck votes once submitted.

      • GarageRock

        Hopefully that changes next year…thanks for responding

        • New Jersey Monthly

          No problem. We’ll definitely take your feedback into consideration for next year, thanks again for voting. 🙂

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