Eat Ink: Anthony Bucco’s Potato Gnocchi

In this exclusive excerpt from "Eat Ink," learn how Anthony Bucco, executive chef of the Ryland Inn in Whitehouse Station, makes his potato gnocchi with Surry Farms ham and micro arugula.

Potato Gnocchi with Surry Farms Ham and Micro Arugula by Anthony Bucco of The Ryland Inn.
Photo by Daniel Luke Holton

Anthony Bucco, Executive Chef, The Ryland Inn, Whitehouse Station

Potato Gnocchi with Surry Farms Ham and Micro Arugula

Yields 240 pieces of gnocchi

For Gnocchi:

2–3 cups salt
3 large Idaho potatoes
1 quart all-purpose flour
2 large egg yolks
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon milk

For Broth:

¼ cup chicken stock
2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons grated pecorino cheese
Salt, to taste

To Complete:
6 (2-ounce) pieces per bowl Surry Farms ham or prosciutto
5–7 micro arugula leaves per bowl, for garnish

1. For Gnocchi: Preheat the oven to 400°F. Spread 2 to 3 cups salt on bottom of baking pan. Place potatoes on top of salt and bake the potatoes until just done, about 1 hour. While still hot, pass through a tamis or a potato ricer onto a flat surface, such as a sheet tray. Salt the potatoes and let cool. Then transfer to a bowl and start adding the flour. Rub the flour and potatoes between your hands until the mixture reaches a sand-like consistency.

Notes from the Chef

Salt baking is the perfect dry heat method for roasting potatoes. It allows for even distribution of heat to the entire potato.

2. Create a well in the center of the potato mixture and add the egg, oil, and milk. Fold the potato mixture into the egg mixture until just combined—do not overmix; this will create a dense gnocchi. Roll the dough on a floured surface and cut into 6 wedges. Roll each wedge into logs and cut into 1" nuggets. With a floured gnocchi board (or fork), press each nugget down and roll over the board (or fork) to create the ridges of the gnocchi. At this point, you can freeze them (if not using right away) or cook them in salted boiling water. They are done cooking once they float to the surface of the water, about 3 to 4 minutes. Remove from liquid and reserve.

3. For Broth: In a saucepan, gently bring the stock to a simmer over medium heat. Using a whisk, incorporate the butter and pecorino. Adjust seasoning to taste with salt.

4. To Complete: Gently reheat Gnocchi in Broth over medium heat. Once warm throughout, spoon Gnocchi into a bowl with Broth. Top with thinly sliced Surry Farms ham or prosciutto. Garnish with arugula leaves. Serve immediately.

Notes from the Chef
This is a great way to enjoy homemade pasta at home without a pasta maker. Gnocchi are made easily in bulk and freeze well. Remember not to overwork gnocchi dough, and you’ll be enjoying light, tasty gnocchi.

Notes from the Chef
Anthony says, “Note that the yield on this recipe is for about 240 pieces. It’s the best way to make it, in volume, so 24 orders of 10 pieces each. It can be scaled back, but the results aren’t as desirable. It freezes extremely well.”

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Excerpted from Eat Ink Copyright © 2013 by Birk O’Halloran and Daniel Luke Holton and published by F+W Media, Inc. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved. Photos courtesy of Daniel Luke Holton.

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