Here’s What’s Brewing: Beer Styles

A sampler of beer styles fit for summer quaffing.

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Belgian (Abbey) Dubbel
Monks brewed this beer in the Middle Ages with a mid-range alcoholic strength of about 7 percent, a medium-to-full body and a complex malty character that often showcases fruity or sugary sweetness.

Ancient German lager brewed with wheat, barley and salted water; flavor is tart, slightly salty and sometimes fruity with a coriander accent.

A German-style beer—often unfiltered—brewed with wheat. Yeast lends flavors and aromas of banana, clove or bubble-gum. Dunkelweizen is a version brewed with darker malts to give a darker appearance and richer mouthfeel.

Munich Helles Lager
Pilsner malts create a pale beer with a clean and slightly sweet, refreshing profile.

Originating in Germany and the Czech Republic, with slight variations in each. A crisp, straw-colored lager, sometimes with a light, spicy bite of hops.

Originating in Belgium and France, these unfiltered, medium-bodied beers express a wide variety of characteristics, from fruity and sour to earthy and peppery.

Beer mixed with fruit juice, often yielding a tart appeal.

A Belgian-style beer—often unfiltered—brewed with wheat for a dry, tart finish. Yeast lends flavors and aromas of banana, clove or bubble-gum. This style is sometimes brewed with coriander and served with a slice of orange.

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