Kale-Ginger Margarita

"This is one of my favorite margarita recipes of all time," says Christine Busch, bartender of Goldie's in Asbury Park. "I'm a big kale fan and an even bigger ginger lover. Ginger pairs very well with tequila, so this drink makes perfect sense to me."

The Kale-Ginger Margarita from Goldie's in Asbury Park.


2 oz tequila
1/2 oz agave nectar
1 head fresh kale
1 bottle ginger beer
1/2 oz fresh lime juice


1) Destem the kale leaves and put them through a juicer. Reserve the liquid. If you don’t have a juicer, finely purée the kale in a food processor or strong blender, then strain the juice into a bowl using a fine-mesh strainer.
2) There are many ginger beer recipes on the web, so feel free to make your own. Or use a good-quality bottled ginger beer. (Ginger ale is too sweet.)
3) Mix two parts ginger beer with one part kale juice. That makes the kale-ginger beer.
4) Put 1 ounce of kale-ginger beer into a cocktail shaker. Add the agave nectar and lime juice and shake well. Top with ice, serve.

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