Where to Try CBD-Infused Food & Drinks in NJ

CBD is increasingly being used by chefs and baristas around the state. Here's where to savor cocktails, cupcakes and lattes that feature the hot ingredient.

Peppermint mocha CBD Latte at Caffe Anello. Photo courtesy of Caffe Anello

Cannabidiol, aka CBD, is a non-psychoactive, THC-free compound (read: no high) derived from cannabis. (Here’s a guide to CBD from our January Wellness Issue.) Thanks to its purported abilities to fight inflammation, counter pain and alleviate anxiety, CBD has become a trendy ingredient popping up in health food stores, cafés and on daring tasting menus around the country—and we’re finally starting to see more of it here in New Jersey.

These CBD-infused offerings are mostly drinks. CBD tends to be added to a “carrier,” like coconut oil, or else dosed in powder form. And while it can have a flavor—it’s been described as earthy, vegetal, fruity and bitter—by the time it reaches your palate, CBD will likely have been seamlessly incorporated. That’s also why we don’t think we’ll see it in savory dishes as quickly as it found its way into your chia pudding. From a chef’s perspective, CBD is just another new ingredient, so integration into restaurant menus (I’m thinking a beautifully blistered mushroom pizza with a finishing CBD olive oil drizzle?) might take awhile.

Until that day, here are 5 places to sip and/or savor some CBD in New Jersey.

Peppermint Mocha CBD Latte at Caffe Anello in Westwood

Chef John Vitale of Caffe Anello in Westwood recently told us about his work with the #FairKitchens workplace wellness initiative. The fun sidenote he didn’t get a chance to share: Caffe Anello offers a peppermint mocha CBD latte. Considering the potentially assertive taste of CBD oil, it’s wise to join it with bold flavors like peppermint, coffee and cocoa. Even as seasonal latte flavors change, chances are CBD stays around. Caffe Anello, 11 Madison Avenue, Westwood; 201-786-8137

CBD-Infused Cupcakes & Beverages at JÜS Organic in Atlantic Highlands

According to this Facebook video, JÜS Organic in Atlantic Highlands made the “Nice List” with chocolate cupcakes with 25 mg of CBD for Santa last month. Now that Saint Nick has retired to Boca for the season, there should be cupcakes left for the rest of us. Their “Boosters/Add-on” menu also has CBD extract for $2 and CBD-infused honey, which you can add to your drink. JÜS Organic, 135 1st Avenue, Atlantic Highlands; 848-254-4686

Purple Headed ‘Kush’ner Cocktail at Northern Soul Bar in Hoboken

Northern Soul Bar in Hoboken offers the Purple Headed ‘Kush’ner (no soft touch with puns here). Even before we hit CBD, there are unique ingredients. The drink combines rum, Chartreuse, lime juice, pineapple juice, Aquafaba, açai dust (yes) and, finally, CBD. The açai dust is likely freeze-dried açai berries, with that berry-cocoa flavor; aquafaba, for the vegan-illiterate among us, is an interesting protein-rich liquid (usually) drained from canned chickpeas. It’s often whipped into a foam, a la egg whites. Considering the technique in the drink—and the potential health benefits of CBD—it’s kind of a steal at $10. Northern Soul Bar, 700 1st Street, Hoboken; 201-217-8784

Chocolate CBD Milk at Ocean Organics Café in Seaside Park

Proving that keeping it simple might be the way to go with a new ingredient, Ocean Organics Café in Seaside Park is serving (vegan) “Chocolate CBD Milk.” At the very least they get major nostalgia points, though the $8 drink is a bit richer than Yoo-hoo, with chocolate, hemp oil, cashew, maple syrup, filtered water and 10 milligrams of pure CBD crystal. (This would not have been an acceptable after-school snack.) Ocean Organics, 1411 NW Central Avenue, Seaside Park; 646-476-0952

The Green Man, a Café au Lait with Honey and CBD Oil, at Java Love in Montclair

The Green Man is a newcomer to the menu at Java Love in Montclair (according to their blog, it’s the groovy brainchild of “barista Keila,” so thank you Keila). The drink is café au lait sweetened with honey and enriched with a drop of “Full Spectrum*” CBD oil from Rooted Heart Remedies in Maine. Local Maine hemp flowers are used in the oil, which is coconut-based, making it a natural fit for a rich, milky coffee drink. Both Montclair locations are currently offering the drink. (They also offer $3 CBD add-ons to any drink, if you want to take your Chai to another level.) Java Love, 244 Bellevue Avenue, 49 Church Street, Montclair; 973-744-2122

*Edible CBD is available as “full spectrum” or CBD “isolate.” The former contains all cannabinoid compounds present in the hemp plant except THC. Among CBD aficionados, “full spectrum” CBD will yield a stronger overall impact because of the presence of multiple cannabinoids. (Note: it still won’t get you high.)

Consult a doctor or specialist if medical or psychological questions arise regarding ingestion of CBD.

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