Lewis Black: Angry in Red Bank

What makes you mad? I'm not talking about petty annoyances like getting stuck at a red light or forgetting your EZPass for a trip down the shore. No. I'm talking vein-popping, blood-boiling, spit-spraying pissed. Chances are if it's politics, our country's current state of affairs (think election mudslinging and our drowning economy) or your pathetic golf swing, Lewis Black is just as angry. And on Wednesday, March 26, Black let everyone in the Count Basie Theatre know just how pissed he is.

What started out as an evening littered with Jersey jokes and unoriginal hecklers yelling "What exit are ya from?" to warm-up comedian John Bowman—a Jersey transplant from Michigan—became a lesson for anyone who wants to interrupt Lewis Black. Don’t do it. You’ll look like an idiot. Trust me.

When Black entered to roaring applause, he stepped in front of the microphone and said, "This is the most fun we’re going to have all night. The moment I walk out onto the stage is the high point. It’s the anticipation of the evening, and it won’t get any better from here on out." Almost on cue, the man in front of me (who happened to be seated with heckler #1) yelled out something incomprehensible to which Black retorted, "And there you have it. Thank you for proving my point."

The rest of the evening went on in true Lewis Black form. Vigorous side-to-side head shaking about the terminal hen-pecking practices of our beloved politicians, and the rise of the super delegate (confirming that average Americans really have no say in the next presidential election). He touched on the $42 million the federal government forked over to tap American citizens on the shoulder to say "Hey guys, no worries. Your rebate check’s in the mail." Simply stunning.

Anyone who’s bothered to watch Comedy Central in the last 10 years will remember Black’s three minute rants for Back in Black, one of The Daily Show’s most popular and long-running segments. Black’s ability to wade through the country’s political muck and incompetence gives words to the screams echoing inside every American’s head. When the rest of us sigh as we pull up to the pump and hand over our first born, Black rants and raves, jumps up and down, and says the things that we all are thinking but are too polite to say.



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