A Wee Irish Trivia Quiz

Jennifer Grace wrote Irish Trivia on Tap: 600 Questions to Measure Your IQ (Irish Quotient) (Fall River Press, 2009) so readers could test their Celtic know-how.

Courtesy of publisher.

As we prepare to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland this month, keep in mind that there is more to being Irish than shamrocks, leprechauns and Guinness stout. “There is a great sense of humor, of love, of history and folklore,” says Rumson resident Jennifer Grace, author of Irish Trivia on Tap: 600 Questions to Measure Your IQ (Irish Quotient) (Fall River Press, 2009). So, get your Éire on and have a bit of craic as you test your Celtic know-how.

1. What does the phrase Erin go bragh mean?
a. “Go, team, go!”
b. “Ireland forever”
c. “Ireland the great”
d. “Ireland the brave”

2. Which U.S. cities have had more mayors of Irish descent than of any other background?
a. New York, San Francisco, Chicago
b. Boston, Houston, Philadelphia
c. Chicago, Boston, Jersey City
d. Boston, New York, Newark

3. If on a journey you meet a red-haired woman, what should you do?
a. Turn back
b. Cross the road
c. Take her to dinner
d. Sing her a song

4. Which longtime New Jersey resident earned the nickname “Cinderella Man” for his amazing boxing comeback?
a. Tuffy Griffiths
b. James J. Jefferies
c. James J. Corbett
d. James J. Braddock

5. What is a traditional Irish cure for a hangover?
a. To be buried up to the neck in moist river sand
b. A hair of the dog
c. Corned beef and cabbage
d. A swift kick in the shin

6. Who wrote, “I could not write the words [James] Joyce uses: my prudish hands would refuse to form the letters”?
a. Ernest Hemingway
b. Virginia Woolf
c. George Bernard Shaw
d. Dave Eggers

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