Stir It Up With Jersey Vodka

Facts, history, and general information about vodka brands produced right here in the Garden State.

Jersey Vodka
Photo by Evan Sklar.

Laird’s Vodka
Made in New Jersey from corn, wheat and rye. Produced since 1986 by Laird & Company in Scobeyville.
Fact: The company distills several different vodkas, including Kasser’s Peachka Vodka, but its signature Laird’s brand is the most popular among Jersey consumers.
History: William Laird, an immigrant from Scotland, started using Jersey apples to make the company’s now famous applejack in the 1600s. The family distillery was officially established in 1780.
Distiller says: Add club soda and cranberry juice.

Made in New Jersey from barley, corn, rye and wheat. Produced since 2007 by Americana Spirits Company at the Laird distillery.
The Twist: An exceptionally slow seventh filtration using extra charcoal creates the smooth finish.
History: Brothers and Jersey residents Sal and Frank D’Acunto created the vodka to compete with the top international brands.
Distiller says: Make a dirty martini with a blue cheese-stuffed green olive.

Shore Vodka
Distilled in Kentucky since 2011 for West Long Branch-based distributor Madison Investments.
The Twist: The brand’s creators are New Jersey natives fond of the Shore. They’ve adorned the label on the neck of their bottle with clams, starfish and dolphins.
Aspiration: It’s meant to be good vodka at a good price.
Distiller says: Serve it on the rocks with a splash of soda and lemon twist.

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