The Cold Truth About Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy, which incorporates freezing temperatures, can help relieve autoimmune disease symptoms, aid in sports recovery and improve overall skin health.

Courtesy of Revivify

I’ve tried a number of different facials over the years—everything from gels and peels to brightening and fruit facials—but I had never heard of “freezing your face” as an option. So when I was offered the opportunity to test out a cryofacial—a treatment involving below-freezing temperatures and vaporized liquid nitrogen—I was curious enough to take the plunge.

I headed to the newly opened Revivify in Summit, which specializes in cryotherapy, one of the latest trends in health and wellness.

Cryotherapy, which incorporates freezing temperatures in treatments, can help relieve autoimmune disease symptoms, aid in sports recovery and improve overall skin health. According to Revivify co-owner Paul DeCicco, benefits of cryotherapy include: relief of chronic aches and pains; easing of inflammation in muscles, tendons and joints; improved skin appearance and amplified metabolism.

Whole-body cryotherapy has been used for decades, and is especially popular with athletes. Sessions happen inside a cryosauna, a chamber in which you stand for three minutes as nitrogen air circulates and the temperature plummets to between -184 to -256 degrees Fahrenheit. The rapid decrease in skin temperature releases endorphins, which help reduce soreness and pain in muscles and joints.

A cryofacial applies that same technology by stimulating collagen production and tightening pores. It also helps fill in fine lines and reduce wrinkles.

For this treatment, instead of standing in a cryosauna, you lie on a massage bed. During my cryofacial, a cryotherapy specialist used a small wand to blow cold, liquid-nitrogen air onto my face in concentrated, circular motions—never lingering too long over the same area. (Don’t worry about accidentally inhaling the air. I was assured doing so wouldn’t cause any harm.) I couldn’t feel the freezing temperature as intensely as during my whole-body session; it just felt like refreshing bursts of cool air.

The experience was similar to receiving a traditional facial and was genuinely painless. In fact, I actually felt relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed. Afterward, my skin seemed a little tighter and my face had a radiant glow well into the next morning.

A cryofacial treatment only takes 10 minutes, and doesn’t even require you to remove your makeup. It’s so quick, you could easily fit one in on your lunch break.

Take advantage of Revivify’s introductory offer, which includes one whole-body cryotherapy session plus one cryofacial for $40. Since the cryofacial alone is usually $40, this is basically a BOGO (buy one, get one) offer for first-time customers only.

316 Springfield Ave.

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  1. Ian Hatfield

    Cryotherapy is a wonderful treatment that comes with many benefits and has really helped heal the pain in my knees. The cryo facial intrigues me, I recently read that it reduces puffiness and keeps your skin tight, vibrant, and radiant. To learn more about a cryo facials you can check out this article –> []. Have you tried a cryo facial yet?