4 Stylish Ways to Stay Healthy Right Now

A few doses of colorful inspiration during this unusual time.

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In general, I’m a bit of a neat freak to begin with. I like things to be clean and tidy. I’m picky about where I eat, and will confess that I even go so far as to wear flip-flops in the shower at five-star hotels.

So, as you can imagine, the current pandemic has me cleaning and disinfecting on another level. I’ve found myself needing a bit of inspiration to stay healthy and safe in some slightly more colorful, uplifting ways. Here are a few products to help us all do just that.

  1. Buying gloves? Go for a fun color (and feel free to match your outfit accordingly).
  2. Having trouble finding tissues? Order a fancy washable hanky.
  3. If you have to leave the house, consider using a lovely oversized scarf to cover your mouth and nose.
  4. Don’t forget hand lotion. This one from The Ritual of Jing is so soothing.
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