What a New, Protected Bike Lane Means for Hoboken and Jersey City

The bike lane, which extends from Jersey City's 18th Street to Hoboken’s Observer Highway, aims to create safer streets.

Hoboken Jersey City Protected Bike Lane
A new protected bike lane was created to connect downtown Jersey City and Hoboken. It extends from Jersey City's 18th Street to Hoboken’s Observer Highway. Photo by Jennifer Brown

Between 2008 and 2017, nearly 100 people were killed in traffic crashes in Jersey City, with pedestrians accounting for nearly half of all fatal victims. 

In 2022, it had zero traffic-related fatalities at press time. What changed? The city’s adoption of Vision Zero, a global campaign that aims to eliminate traffic-related deaths and injuries.  

“The progress is clear,” Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop says. “Vision Zero is impactful and can save lives.” 

The Vision Zero task force collaborates with residents to create plans that aim to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.  

Both Jersey City and Hoboken have made improvements over the years, from repainting high-visibility crosswalks to adding curb extensions that reduce pedestrian walking distances. The latest feat is the installation of a protected bike lane, connecting both cities. 

The bike lane, which extends from 18th Street in Jersey City to Hoboken’s Observer Highway, is in an area with a high volume of traffic.

The protected bike lane was created with a separator curb and flexible bollards, which create a physical border between the motor vehicle and bike lanes.

“[The task force is] really trying to focus on preventing crashes before they happen,” says Ryan Sharp, Hoboken’s parking and transportation director and manager of its Vision Zero task force. 

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