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Asbury Park Eatery Melds Korean, Mexican Cuisines

MOGO Korean Fusion Tacos celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

Taco at MOGO Korean Fusion Tacos
Tacos are sold individually at MOGO Korean Fusion Tacos. Photo courtesy of the restaurant


“Mogo” is Korean for “eat,” and this establishment strives to provide healthy choices. 


MOGO is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. A welcoming storefront on Cookman Avenue is open year-round, while a boardwalk location offers mobile meals by the beach from May to September.


Standouts include the beef taco, with Korean barbecue-marinated rib eye (bulgogi) and kimchi pico de gallo, and the pork taco, which applies a spicy marinade to pork belly (jae yook bokkeum) and adds citrus-mayo slaw. Other dishes include soy-ginger chicken thighs (dak gui); floured cod (saeng sun); spicy, sweet-and-sour, crispy shrimp (saw woo); and spicy soy-glazed fried tofu (dubu). Mogo also has a secret HIRO taco, which combines beef, pork and chicken. Mogo’s Korean doughnuts, made from rice flour, are filled with cinnamon sugar and sesame (hotteok), and topped with powdered sugar.


Tacos are sold individually, so mix and match. Don’t want the tortilla shell? They’ll serve your taco over lettuce.

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