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Gabriela’s Authentic Portuguese Cuisine

Style: Comfortable family atmosphere with an exposed kitchen up front.

Don’t Miss: Tapas á casa with Portuguese choriço, castelao—a Portuguese cheese similar to Fontina—served with melon and prosciutto, cured olives, carrots with parsley and garlic, and fried codfish croquettes ($12). Mariscada á marinheira, a seafood dish with lobster, shrimp, clams, mussels, and scallops simmered in a red sauce, is served with saffron rice on the side ($25). Cataplana de marisco, shellfish (sans lobster), choriço, and presunto—cured Portuguese ham—comes in a cataplana, a traditional southern Portuguese copper vessel, with tomatoes and garlic steamed with white wine ($27). Carne de porco à alentejana—pork loin cubes, fresh clams, and fried diced potatoes—is a traditional dish ($23). Desserts change daily, but the torta de nozes—a roll with sweet egg custard inside, topped with candied egg strands made by spooning an egg mixture into boiling water and simple syrup—is always on the menu ($7).

Heads Up: Gabriela’s convivial atmosphere makes it a prime spot for gatherings, but the narrow dining room is a bit cramped. Outdoor seating is available during the summer.

The Scoop: Gabriela’s is BYO. Head down the block to Discover Wine (66 W Main St, Somerville; 908-707-9463) to browse its Restaurant Row—a wall of wines each paired with a Somerville BYO restaurant. 

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