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West Orange Eatery Specializes in Sweet and Savory Vegan Treats

Desserts were the initial draw, but the expanded breakfast and lunch menu is prepared with the same freshness and creativity.

Plant-based sandwich at How Delish HD in West Orange
Plant-based sandwiches are a must-try at How Delish HD in West Orange.

How Delish HD in West Orange


Clean, simple style, with weathered-look wood floors, lots of light from storefront windows and plenty of table seating.


Proprietor Laiquan Harvey-Davis was nudged into business after one of her sons requested she create a cookbook of the delicious dairy-free treats she makes for him. Before long, the mom of two turned her baking mastery to vegan, gluten-free desserts. The restaurant, opened in 2019, has expanded to include breakfasts and lunch, plus special menu items.

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While the desserts were the initial draw here, the gluten-free, vegan, savory items are prepared with the same freshness and creativity. For breakfast, plant-based options include an “egg” made of tofu. Sides of grits and hashbrowns are available, as well as vegan sausage, pastrami and bacon add-ons. Pancakes—gluten free, of course—as well as Chicklettes (chickpea omelettes) are other tasty offerings. Lunch shines with the versatile garbanzo bean as well, with the chickpea salad sandwich, which deliciously mimics tuna salad. Plant-based BLT’s, vegan chili, paninis and mac ‘n’ cheez are also options, as is a pizza menu.


Plan on dessert. Period. Brownies, tiramsu and cheesecakes are always on offer, while cakes, whole cheese cakes and cobblers can be ordered in advance.

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    Bakery - Breakfast - Lunch - Vegetarian/Vegan
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