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Lovin’ Oven

Lovin’ Oven
62A Trenton Ave, Frenchtown

Hours: Wed–Sat, 8 am–9 pm; Sun, 8 am–3 pm

Price: $/$$

Style: Lovin’ Oven, owned by the husband-and-wife team of Julie Klein and Mike Quinn, has a loyal following, attracted to its locavore food, sunny pink and yellow walls, and eco-chic vibe (tables and chairs are built from reclaimed wood).

Don’t Miss: Lovin Oven’s breakfast menu. The signature omelet ($9.50) is made with fresh figs, when in season, and goat cheese. Red bliss potato fritters ($11) are rolled like a crêpe and filled with corn, chopped apple, onion and cheddar and served over eggs and spinach. At lunch, the Oven offers a variety of sandwiches, including a terrific smoked salmon with cream cheese, red onions and capers on toasted pumpernickel ($12). Vegetarians will enjoy the grilled zucchini and provolone melt with black-olive tapenade and drizzled balsamic reduction on country white ($11.50).

Heads Up: Don’t leave before you try Lovin Oven’s homemade baked goods. The massive blueberry muffins and the gooey sticky buns are particularly tempting.

The Scoop: Lovin’ Oven offers gluten- and dairy-free entrées such as applejack pancakes ($10), and vegan fare including the autumn curry bowl  ($20) made with organic brown rice, tofu, local apples and arugula.

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