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At Miga Sushi, Delightful Rolls and Sauces from Scratch

The Denville restaurant's all-you-can-eat option is another popular draw.

Style: The dining area is divided by a half wall draped with a fishnet and ornaments. Paintings of koi and geisha enliven the scene. Grab one of the seats at the sushi bar to enjoy the chefs’ show of quiet precision.

The scoop: There has been a lot of turnover in this strip mall since Lin Chen opened Miga in 2014, but his restaurant has prospered, and he opened a second location in Wayne in June 2018. Tina He, the Denville manager, attributes Miga’s staying power to word of mouth and the restaurant’s dedication to making sauces from scratch and creating captivating rolls.

The menu: Miga offers a wide range of sushi, especially rolls. One of the most popular is the Denville King Roll, with spicy lobster, mango and avocado, wrapped in pink soy paper with a mango drizzle. Cooked dishes include gyoza, bento boxes, four types of tempura, eight types of teriyaki, salads, fried rice and noodle dishes.

Heads up: Perhaps the key to Miga’s success is its $22.95 All You Can Eat menu (sushi or “kitchen”), available all the time. You choose from a limited but not skimpy list. The menu says, “Order all you want, but eat all your order. Please do not waste food! You can always order more.” Reservations are a must for dinner, especially weekends.

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