Quick Bite

Family-Friendly Dining at Cherry Hill’s Mr Sushi

Affordable all-you-can-eat options, lunch specials and more.


Whether ordered à la carte or all-you-can-eat, raw fish comprises most of the menu at this casual, family-friendly sushi bar and dining room.

The scoop

For $22.95, adults can order anything on the menu and eat as much as they want. Kids get to indulge in the all-you-can eat fun for $7.95-$12.95, depending on age.

The menu

Though the sushi and sashimi menus lack the range of more ambitious competitors—there are salmon and tuna, and even octopus, but don’t expect sea urchin or fatty tuna belly—everything is super fresh at the shockingly low price of $1.50 per piece. A salmon, tuna or veggie roll is priced as low as $3.95, with specialty rolls topping out at $11.95 for a huge, three-bite Pink Lady, wrapped in soy paper and stuffed with salmon, tuna, avocado and cucumber. Teriyaki bowls and hibachi platters are also available. Beverages include bubble tea and smoothies.

Heads up 

Lunch specials come with soup or salad and range from two regular rolls to the Sushi & Sashimi Lunch of three pieces of sushi, six pieces of sashimi and a tuna roll. Parking is free in the lot next to Dunkin’ Donuts across Route 70 from Wegmans.

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