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Saveur Creole

An intimate bistro with canary yellow walls that remains a hidden gem among restaurant-obsessed Montclair.

131 Grove Street, Montclair

Hours: Tues–Sat, 5–10 pm, Sun, 2–8 pm
Price: $$
Style: Intimate bistro with canary yellow walls, white tablecloths and attentive service.
Don’t Miss: The tasty Saveur Creole sampler ($15) comes with two empanadas (beef, chicken or spinach), Haitian caviar (crunchy tostones with smoked fish and creamy goat cheese) and a spicy slaw for dipping. Or start with a hearty soup, such as gumbo ($7) with okra, collard greens, bell peppers and a spicy kick; bouillon creole ($7) with spinach, carrots, dumplings and collards; or jambalaya Mardi Gras, updating traditional beans and rice with nouveau turkey sausage. For a main, try braised creole beef ($28), chunky yet tender, in a gravy so flavorful you’ll want to slurp up every drop. Griot mi casa ($21) marries sweet and savory, presenting shredded fried pork with hot pickles and fried green plantains.
Heads Up: The menu, offering creole-inspired dishes from many cultures, is large and varied, but dish descriptions are sparse. Ask your server—they are friendly, knowledgeable and happy to help. The owner will suggest compatible wines from the store next door.
The Scoop: Saveur Creole has been open a decade, yet remains strangely under the radar in restaurant-obsessed Montclair. You have to walk through the kitchen to reach the restrooms—a bit of culinary sightseeing that adds to the adventure.

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