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The Cereal Bowl

The Cereal Bowl
296 George Street, New Brunswick

Hours: Mon-Thurs, 7 am-10 pm; Fri, 7 am-11 pm; Sat, 8 am-11 pm; Sun, 8 am-4 pm

Price: $

Style: Located in the heart of Jersey’s largest college town, the café offers cereal concoctions amid comfy couches and flat-screen TVs.

Don’t Miss:
Try one of the prepared cereal blends, or become a Cereal Re-Mixer and create your own from twenty selections and more than 28 toppings. Cold Bowl options on the menu include the 3 on 3, a mix of Fruit Loops, Fruity Pebbles, and Apple Jacks, as well as strawberries, bananas, and blueberries; and Ruby’s Nuts About You, a concoction featuring Honey Nut Cheerios, Grape Nuts, almonds, pecans, and cinnamon. If you’re in the mood for a Hot Bowl, try Dad Knows Best, a combination of oatmeal, strawberries, bananas, and blueberries; or Mom Knows More, a bowl that pairs oatmeal with apple-pie filling, caramel, and graham bites. The Beyond the Bowl section offers an oatmeal smoothie and a parfait made with low-fat vanilla yogurt and a variety of five organic granolas.

Heads Up: In an effort to be sustainable, all the Cereal Bowl’s paper products are 100% recyclable, and the bowls are made from compostable and biodegradable bagasse (crushed sugar cane). The organic coffee is fair-trade certified.

The Scoop: It was during college that founder Kenneth Rader discovered the popularity of cereal and the unique way his fellow students packaged, mixed, and ate it. With the help of his twin brother, Joshua, and his childhood friend Michael Glassman, Rader created the Cereal Bowl concept. Rader’s favorite creation? Give Me S’More–a Cold Bowl combination of Golden Grahams, Cocoa Puffs, marshmallows, graham bites, and chocolate chips.

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