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  • Specialties: Pediatric Spine, Pediatric Trauma

About Dr. Keith D. Baldwin

I specialize in pediatric and adolescent scoliosis and fracture surgery, which I perform at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Due to the nature of this specialization, the injury/deformity in each case is unique, so my attention is turned to understanding the situation as fully as possible and how I can best treat the issue at hand. A key feature of my job is a dedication to skillful, non- surgical care. I also need to have an acute understanding of the natural history of the injuries/deformities and how they are likely to behave in the future, as this informs what treatment is pursued.


My wife has scoliosis, and my children are at risk of the same. As such, when people ask what would I do if it were my child, my answer is always that it might be someday. That’s why my approach is to give each child the best chance to not need surgery. If a child does need surgery, my focus is to perform it as safely as possible using the standard-of- care treatment with the least chance of needing future surgery.


My nurse practitioner Kathy Abel and I try to have a very personalized relationship with our surgical patients. Their successes are our successes. I think this has served us well with families, and I know when I see someone professionally, I would like them to know that I am personally invested in their outcome. This is what I try to strive for in my practice.