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Rachid Assina, MD, RPH

  • Specialties: Spine Minimally Invasive, Spine Open Repair & Reconstruction

About Dr. Rachid Assina

As a neurosurgeon and orthopedic fellowship-trained spine surgeon, I am one of very few dually trained surgeons in New Jersey. But my path to that position was very different from most. Af ter moving from my native Morocco to the United States in 1992, I worked as a pharmacist. Seeking more of a professional challenge, I went to medical school and then completed seven years of residency training to do what I do today. I also worked as an assistant professor at Rutgers NJ Medical School for almost five years, and have published many papers and book chapters related to my field.


My primary focus is the spine, and I use innovative minimally invasive surgical techniques. Spine surgery can be life-changing. Patients are often in constant, debilitating pain that interferes with their life activities. Making them pain free basically gives them their life back. We have many good outcomes, correcting deformities with spine surgery, and that can positively impact a patient’s self-esteem.


Every patient who walks into my office, from young adults to the elderly, becomes like family to me. They each get my cell phone number for direct access whenever they have questions. I always provide them the same advice that I would give to my own family members. Not every patient will need surgery. Many times, they simply need reassurance and some form of conservative treatment. My objective is to minimize the number of people who need surgery, and I only do surgery when absolutely necessary.


In 2020, I started a non-profit organization that concentrates on scoliosis correction in third-world countries. I travel annually to different places to help people who couldn’t otherwise afford treatment.