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Changing your physical appearance, whether for medical or cosmetic reasons, can change your life as well. When undergoing such a transformation, it’s critical to work with the most highly skilled surgeons.

New Jersey Monthly is proud to announce the 2023 edition of the Select Surgeons Plastic Surgeons list, an elite grouping of the state’s top doctors performing plastic surgery across 27 procedure categories. This distinction is based on a number of criteria, including experience, qualifications, surgical results, and reputation. Only the top doctors in each category are named to the Select Surgeons Plastic Surgeons list.

The list is based on a 360-degree analysis of potential surgeons, incorporating as much relevant objective information as possible. The selection process targets the top surgeons for 27 different procedures so patients can find the most appropriate surgeon for their needs.  View our methodology here.

Asaad H. Samra, MD

  • Specialties: Breast Reconstruction - Implant; Facial Trauma Repair

About Dr. Asaad H. Samra

In general, I find plastic surgery to be a happy specialty due to the positive role it can play in a setting that often involves trauma to the body or post-cancer reconstruction of the breast. My job is to make things better and help patients feel whole again. I was inspired by my father’s work as a physician, and it was common for me while growing up to see him recognized in the community by people whose lives he impacted. I strive to affect my patients to the same degree.


Breast reconstruction is really an overlap between reconstruction and cosmetics. There is a significant emphasis on aesthetics since the breast is a very intimate part of a woman’s anatomy, identity, and sexuality. I try to give every patient an opportunity to mourn the loss they are going through after a breast cancer diagnosis and the need to remove a portion of or the entirety of their breast. But I always stress that there is hope and that they can eventually feel like themselves again. In some cases, we can even improve the shape, size, and symmetry of the breasts to offset the fear that surgery brings.


What also drew me to breast reconstruction is that I form such a tight bond with patients. It’s a completely different emotional journey than other elective plastic surgery procedures. In a sense, they become my patients for life, not only because they come back for checkups but also because they feel like part of our family. That is a very special thing.


Away from work, I’ve been a devoted New York Giants fan since 1986, and I also love spending time with my family, watching my three children at their tennis and soccer matches.