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Changing your physical appearance, whether for medical or cosmetic reasons, can change your life as well. When undergoing such a transformation, it’s critical to work with the most highly skilled surgeons.

New Jersey Monthly is proud to announce the 2022 edition of the Select Surgeons Plastic Surgery list, an elite grouping of the state’s top doctors performing plastic surgery across 21 procedure categories. This distinction is based on a number of criteria, including experience, qualifications, surgical results, and reputation. Only the top doctors in each category are named to the Select Surgeons Plastic Surgery list.

The list is based on a 360-degree analysis of potential surgeons, incorporating as much relevant objective information as possible. The selection process targets the top surgeons for 21 different procedures so patients can find the most appropriate surgeon for their needs.  View our methodology here.

Brian S. Glatt, MD

  • Specialties: Eyelid Rejuvenation, Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction/Breast Lift, Abdominoplasty, Body Lift, Liposuction

About Dr. Brian S. Glatt

The most fulfilling part of my job as a board-certified plastic surgeon is helping patients achieve the positive changes they envision.
The aesthetic outcome of surgery runs far deeper than the outer appearance and can profoundly impact a person’s self-image and confidence. I am humbled every time I am entrusted to be part of a person’s surgical journey.


Among my most-requested procedures are abdominoplasty (“tummy tuck”) and breast surgery, including augmentation with implants, lift, and reduction. I frequently perform abdominal and breast surgery together, referred to as a “mommy makeover,” a procedure that is one of my specialties. These surgeries can produce profound results, particularly for women who want to restore the shape and appearance of their bodies after childbirth. It is incredibly gratifying to witness the significant transformation these patients achieve.


There is a vast difference between a good surgical result and an outstanding result. My attention to detail combined with specific surgical techniques that I have developed enable me to achieve exceptional results for my patients. The staff at my practice, Premier Plastic Surgery Center of New Jersey, address every patient as an individual, respecting each person’s unique aesthetic goals. Our office provides a warm, inviting environment where comfort and privacy are paramount. I have worked hard to earn and maintain my impeccable reputation for consistently delivering outstanding results, and my patients routinely return for additional procedures. They often refer friends and family to my practice, which I consider to be the ultimate expression of their satisfaction, trust, and confidence.


• DR. BRIAN S. GLATT is recognized by Select Surgeons Plastic Surgery as one of the top ABDOMINOPLASTY, BODY LIFT, BREAST AUGMENTATION, BREAST REDUCTION / BREAST LIFT, EYELID REJUVENATION, and LIPOSUCTION surgeons in New Jersey.