From a ‘Sopranos’ Cookbook to a Taylor-Ham Tote, These Items Celebrate Pop Culture

Need a conversation starter? Look no further!

Taylor Ham tote

Because of Jersey’s great debate, carrying this canvas tote will give folks a hint of your exit on the GSP; $10.99 at


Gold "omg" bubble letters

By now this shorthand for the exclamation “Oh, my God!” is such common vernacular, it merits this artful rendering in bubbly gold letters; from $1,250 at


"The Sopranos Family Cookbook"

This tome keeps the Sopranos’ story going with character-driven recipes; $21.49 at

American frame in pinewood frame

A pinewood frame displays a time-worn American flag; $399-$799 at


Peace sign candle handlers

This enduring sign of peace takes the form of porcelain candle holders; $54 at

Pillow adorned with a sequined rainbow

This multicolored arc, rendered here in sparkly sequins, is a symbol of inclusion and diversity; $260 at


Folks of a certain age know that Birkenstocks defined hippie culture, circa 1970; $160 at


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