Jersey Choice Top Dentists: Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s what you need to know about this year's list.

New Jersey Monthly's Top Dentists 2022 issue

Jersey Choice Top Dentists

Professional Advisory Board

How do dentists get on the Jersey Choice list?
There are two ways: They are either voted onto the list by their peers (see methodology), or they are nominated by our professional advisory board.

How many votes does a dentist need to appear on the list?
It depends. Most specialties have a standard threshold based on the number of dentists responding to the survey. We lower the threshold for certain specialties and for regions of the state with fewer practitioners.

Many dentists advertise in this issue. Does that help them get on the list?
Absolutely not. Only after the list has been finalized are dentists notified. At that point, they can choose to purchase advertising to promote the achievement. Many of these ads appear in the Special Advertising Section that begins on page 79 of the print issue. For clarity, all of the pages in that section are identified as Special Advertising Section.

I have a great dentist. How come my dentist is not on the list?
Unlike some online professional directories, we do not add dentists to the list based on reader suggestions. The Jersey Choice list is based purely on balloting by licensed New Jersey dentists and the professional advisory board. Our advice: If you are happy with your dental practitioners, stay with them.

Why do some areas of the state have so few dentists on the list?
Eight of the state’s 21 counties—including five thinly populated southern counties—have only 2 percent or less of the state’s licensed dentists. That makes it difficult for dentists in those counties to get a statistically significant number of votes. However, by lowering the number of votes needed in those areas, we’ve enabled the eight southern counties to place 55 dentists on the list, or 10 percent.

I seem to see some of the same names on this list every year. Does it change?
Yes! This year’s list has 82 names that were not on last year’s list. That’s 14.5 percent of the total 565 Top Dentists.

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