Jersey Choice Top Doctors 2019 FAQ: What You Need To Know

Wondering how we completed our 2019 list? We’ve got your answers right here.

How does a doctor get on the list?
To compile the list, New Jersey Monthly commissioned a survey by Leflein Associates, a research firm in Ringwood. Leflein Associates mailed a questionnaire to every doctor licensed in New Jersey for at least five years. The doctors were asked to vote for physicians they would choose to treat their own family members. This balloting is the basis for the list. Click here to read the complete methodology.

Is there any professional oversight of the process?
Each year we assemble a professional advisory board of previously awarded Top Doctors to advise on the list. The board members can suggest changes to the list. Click here to read our list of professional advisory board members.

How many votes does a doctor need to appear on the list?
It depends. Most categories have a standard threshold based on the overall number of doctors. We lower the threshold for certain pediatric and surgical specialties and in counties where the universe of practitioners is smaller.

Are doctors included in the list because they buy ads in this issue?
Absolutely not. Only after the list has been finalized are doctors notified. At that point, they can choose to purchase advertising to promote the achievement. Many of the ads appear in the Special Advertising Section included in the issue.

I have a great doctor. Why isn’t he or she on the list?
We do not add doctors to the list based on reader suggestions. The list is based purely on the balloting by the doctors. Our advice: If you are happy with your personal docs, stay with them.

Why are there so few doctors from some areas of the state?
It’s hard to get a statistically significant number of votes for doctors in the state’s thinly populated southern and western counties, including Cumberland, Salem, Cape May, Warren and Sussex counties. To compensate, we lower the thresholds in these areas to allow more doctors onto the list.

Don’t the same doctors make the Jersey Choice list every year?
Yes and no. This year’s list of 1,085 Top Doctors includes 149 practitioners who were not on the list last year.

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