Author: Ashley V. Neglia

Shoot First, Flirt Later

January 16, 2008

Meet Market Adventures brings singles together for a rousing night of pistol practice. But the ultimate bull’s-eye is love.

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After her husband of 46 years died, my grandmother bravely hurled herself into the dating game. She’s a catch. But the odds are not in her favor.

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The Old Riverhouse

December 25, 2007


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Day Trip: Frenchtown

December 20, 2007

Day Trip to Frenchtown - New Jersey Monthly - Best of NJ

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Work off that late-night boardwalk funnel cake with a morning jog on the beach.

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Whether you’re a boardwalk pedal pusher or a mountain ascending fiend, make sure to get the right set of wheels for your terrain.

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The return of crisp weather brings prime running season—a great way to take in the brilliant foliage. Keep these tips in mind before slipping into your sneakers.

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Miracle Worker

December 19, 2007

For Dr. Peter Praeger, saving lives is routine. Saving a gefilte fish company was another matter.

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Toss back one of these concoctions and you may feel like running a marathon—or running to the bathroom.

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You’re cooking, you’re wrapping, and you’re expecting relatives in T-minus two hours. Avoid a total Chrismahanukwanzaa meltdown by taking in these scenarios and tips. You’ll sail through the season unscathed.

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