Author: Caren Chesler

Brownouts could loom for New Jersey as our growing demand outpaces the existing supply.

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Talbot Hall, a former U.S. Steel facility in Kearny, now serves as one of New Jersey's two inmate assessment centers run by Community Education Centers Inc.

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The state is sending more of its prisoners to low-security halfway houses. Some fear there are dangerous criminals in the mix.

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Ocean Grove’s tent city is a place Mary Poppins could call home.

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After years of decline, Long Branch has reclaimed its place as a top Jersey Shore destination—but not without controversy.

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In It Together

February 8, 2010

Sharing municipal services can save towns money, so why are aren’t more taking the plunge?

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Power Play

December 14, 2009

Ex-ironworker Stephen Sweeney is suddenly the state’s top Democrat. What’s next?

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Badge Of Honor

September 14, 2009

Tattoos were once largely private things. Now they are turning up in highly visible places—like the neck and hands. Even some hard-core tattoo wearers say that’s a no-no.

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Good times can be found at places new and old in Asbury Park this summer.

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Amid economic slowdown, a legendary Shore town awaits the fruits of redevelopment.

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