Author: Ian T. Shearn

To arm or not to arm: That's the question roiling many New Jersey districts.

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Nick Acocella's NJTV show, "Pasta and Politics" combines three of his passions: Cooking, eating, and politics.

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Legal weed in NJ: The rules in other states.

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Murphy’s pledge to legalize marijuana in New Jersey could be quickly fulfilled.

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6 crucial factors in the senator’s corruption trial.

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Burning Questions

March 13, 2017

Can the state GOP find a gubernatorial candidate to rise from Chris Christie’s ashes?

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Scrapbook of Extremes

June 8, 2009

A refugee from the Liberian civil war, MacDella Cooper became a fashion professional and started a foundation to aid Liberian orphans. Now her life of ups and downs has taken another unusual turn.

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