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Pulpo ala Plancha

May 30, 2013

"We love this recipe because of its eclectic twist on a staple of Latin cuisine," says Bradley Rodriguez, chef of Cubacan in Asbury Park. "Pulpo, or octopus, makes a great seasonal dish due to its versatility of preparations."

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Here are some key new attractions to check out this summer.

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"The pure, green vegetal flavor of asparagus is the perfect harbinger of spring," says Jim Galileo, executive chef of GP's in Jersey City. "Shallots give a bit of crunchy spark. The speck—a favorite of mine for its unique combination of salt, sweet pork flavor and smoke—makes a good foil. The poached egg? The dish makes its own sauce!" 

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Power Salad

April 3, 2013

"All the greens in this delicious salad are incredibly high in anti-oxidants," says Dave Perini, executive chef of District 611 in Riverton. "Kale, which is unusually high in fiber, helps create bulk to fill you up and keep you satisfied until the next meal. Kale is also an excellent source of nutrients, especially vitamin A and calcium. Swiss Chard is high in syringic acid, which has received attention in recent research for regulating blood sugar by inhibiting an enzyme called alpha-glucosidase."

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Polenta Cakes

March 27, 2013

"This is a variation on a recipe from my grandmother," says Dave Perini, executive chef of District 611 in Riverton. "She used to make polenta and Bolognese sauce in a large bowl for Sunday dinner. I wanted to adapt it in way that would fit the fun concept of Neapolitan pizza and rustic Italian dishes we do at District 611."

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Mexican Elote

February 27, 2013

"On my annual visit to a friend’s winery in Arizona last year, I dined at an amazing restaurant, Elote Café in Sedona,” says Michael Carrino, chef/owner of Pig & Prince in Montclair. “I loved its namesake dish, elote—Mexican grilled corn—and decided to adapt it to my kitchen. This version makes a great cold dip or hot appetizer, and is my homage to a great chef, Jeff Smedstad, and an unforgettable meal." 

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I like to cook delicate proteins, such as halibut, in a lower temperature oven," says Bill Roll, executive chef of the Molly Pitcher Inn in Red Bank. "It creates a more evenly cooked piece of fish and keeps it moist."

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KurKuri Bhindi Chaat

February 6, 2013

"Chaat is a popular genre of snack food, sold on the streets of Indian cities," says Dipam Patel, chef/partner of Khyber Grill in South Plainfield. "It's almost endless in its possibilities, and it's simple to make. When we experimented with the ingredients, the flavors came together by accident. We just threw everything into a bowl, and it came out great—just fried okra, tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers and some lemon juice. It is a very forgiving recipe; you can add however much you want."

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Peruvian Quinoa Salad

January 11, 2013

"Quinoa is a grain enjoyed by the peoples of the Andes for thousands of years," says Juan Placencia, chef/owner of Costanera in Montclair.  "It is packed with fiber, iron and calcium, is considered a complete protein, and is gluten free. At Costanera, I make a delicious quinoa salad with a quick lime dressing made in a blender."

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New Jersey: Then and Now

December 14, 2012

A pictorial flight through Garden State history. See our classic views of New Jerseyans at work and play.

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