Author: Jill P. Capuzzo

The Shore rental market is Hurricane Sandy’s latest victim. But nervous property owners are mainly holding fast on summer rates.

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A redevelopment group in Flemington hopes to reopen a storied hotel and help rejuvenate a sleepy downtown.

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Barcelona Bistro

March 14, 2013

You walk into Barcelona Bistro in Pitman and the biggest piece of art on the wall is a large photo of an Amsterdam Canal. The menu does include paella and flan, but also—huh?—red velvet cake. There is a method to the seeming madness of the eclectic menu, and in her review Jill P. Capuzzo sorts it all out for you.

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Protein: Big and Quirky

March 12, 2013

Ostriches don't stick heads in sand. They do run real fast.

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Learning you can't rush Mother Nature.

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The little things make all the difference.

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Three kinds of farms show what it takes to make it as small, selective, quality-focused operations that are environmentally—and economically—sustainable.

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55 Main

January 29, 2013

Jonas Gold, chef/owner of 55 Main in Flemington, recently called in his mom, Ruth, to give the place a warmer look. In the kitchen, Jonas employs his creativity to keep his largely local clientele from getting bored. As Jill P. Capuzzo writes in her review, the menu features dishes with Thai, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, French and southern American influences.

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Created by a Montclair couple, bottled, all-natural Joe Tea sells well from Chile to China. It’s a big hit in Vermont. Now it’s finally catching on here.

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More kids each year are being diagnosed with food allergies—yet treatment and prevention remain elusive.

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