Author: Jacqueline Klecak

Jacqueline Klecak is an Associate Editor for New Jersey Monthly. After studying Journalism at Rowan University in Glassboro, she worked for KIWI magazine and on a special project for People Stylewatch magazine before joining NJM as a Research Assistant.
For those battling opioid addiction, the ongoing pandemic has created new bumps in the road.

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'Radium Girls' follows factory workers in the late 1910s, who were slowly poisoned while they painted glow-in-the-dark watch dials for soldiers overseas.

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Following Gov. Murphy’s summer approval of 250-person outdoor gatherings, three staff members hastened to build a safe environment in Florham Park.

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Scare yourself silly at these statewide walk-throughs, escape rooms and more.

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New episodes of Codependent will be released on YouTube from October 15–29.

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Heather Lanier’s memoir, Raising a Rare Girl, explores the shock and subsequent pleasures of her daughter’s diagnosis.

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The fields buzz each fall with vibrant blooms and visitors by the thousands.

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Wander through indoor exhibits again (while adhering to updated protocols, of course).

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Discovering our better selves in a time of uncertainty.

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Soak up some fun to commemorate the unofficial end of summer.

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